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Let Me Tell You Something

Nguyen Lan Anh - CWS Vietnam | April 2, 2017

Ha is a fourth grader in Quan Chu primary, and I noticed her during a break between classes as she finished washing her hands at the new basin near the school toilets. She noticed me, a visitor, too, and happily shared this story with me: “Our crowded school, you know, used to have one toilet […]

Strength from Within: A Cambodian Village Story

CWS Cambodia | March 21, 2017

Home to just 315 people, Sok San is a tiny isolated community in northern Cambodia’s Battambang province that can only be reached from a small footpath from a main road through the area, which is mountainous and full of challenges. Malaria risk is high in Sok San, and there are uncounted numbers of landmines still […]

Two journeys, 25 years apart

Leslie Wilson | March 8, 2017

Recently, I spent a few energizing hours with two dozen teenage girls who, after an astoundingly circuitous journey from East Africa to Indonesia, have found themselves in the care and protection of Church World Service. The girls each left home on their own in search of safety and asylum, and none of them has relatives […]

An Advocate for Better Waste and Trash Management Is Rewarded for His Efforts

Ty Nguyen, CWS Vietnam | January 10, 2017

Meeting Mr. Yen after quite some time, I was happy to hear his happy voice saying, “You see. Our stream is now clean! There is no more garbage in it and the water is crystal clear. The air and breezes seem fresh again”. Mr. Yen heads Bai U village in northern Vietnam, and he always […]

Peer-to-Peer Sharing Helps Women Learn More About Good Nutrition

CWS Cambodia | December 28, 2016

Ms. Pha Phearun, who is 45, is the village chief of Kouk Sralau, Preah Vihear Province in northern Cambodia. She lives with her husband, who is a rice farmer, and their three children who are between 13 and 26 years old. The oldest child, a son, is disabled; the older daughter is married and helps […]

CWS President & CEO, Rev. John McCullough visited the Asia region

Leslie Wilson, CWS Asia | December 11, 2016

In early December the CWS Regional Leadership Team for Asia was pleased to welcome CWS President & CEO, Rev. John McCullough to the region to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the agency’s leadership of Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia (LARA) at an ecumenical gathering in Tokyo and to visit CWS projects in Vietnam following […]

Hope, resilience and innovation on the Thailand-Myanmar border

Leslie Wilson | November 7, 2016

For more than 20 years, hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from Myanmar (Burma) have lived inside Thailand along the Thai-Myanmar border – next to their country yet far from their homes . Last week, I visited one refugee camp that is home to about 6,000 people, mainly from the Karen ethnic group, who live […]

In search of the origin of LARA and CWS

Yukiko Maki | November 4, 2016

CWS Japan wouldn’t have been established if there had not been the 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Actually, it was more like a fateful ‘comeback’ of CWS to Japan. CWS Japan did exist 70 years ago during the postwar period for the mission of LARA. The name LARA has gained renown nationwide due to […]

A sweet treat: pumpkin coconut custard

Isaree Khreusirikul | October 31, 2016

An age old question: is a pumpkin a vegetable or a fruit? When I was young, I thought pumpkin was a vegetable best served as a savory snack. However, pumpkin is also an excellent ingredient for a variety of delicious desserts! One famous Cambodian dessert is Pumpkin Coconut Custard, or as it is called in […]

CWS and Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea to collaborate on future disaster response

Leslie Wilson | October 26, 2016

In late September, CWS-CROP signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea – known as PROK – to facilitate cooperation and productive collaboration in preparing to respond, and when responding, to disasters, particularly in Asia. I was truly honored to join the PROK 2016 General Assembly in Seoul and […]

New home for Afghan and Somali unaccompanied children

Leslie Wilson | October 20, 2016

In Indonesia I joined the official opening of the 3rd of 5 group homes CWS organizes for unaccompanied and separated (refugee) children. The Jakarta neighborhood where we are renting the house for 40 Afghan and Somali boys has been quite welcoming, which is great for the boys who have left so much, including their families, […]

CWS supported the Kumamoto YMCA-managed evacuation centers

CWS Japan | October 15, 2016

Five months after the devastating 7.0 [Richter scale] magnitude earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan, the Kumamoto YMCA-managed evacuation center at Mashiki Gymnasium will close. As such it is the last of 18 centers originally opened to help evacuees from Mashiki-town, one of the hardest hit areas. Since there are still 200 people living there, and not […]

When short-term aid isn’t enough

CWS Myanmar | October 12, 2016

U Pauk Sa and Daw Hla are a married couple in their 60s who live in one of an endless number of flood-affected villages in southwest Myanmar. They live with their daughter and three granddaughters. U Pauk Sa cannot work because he is recovering from a stroke. Daw Hla weaves grass mats, which their daughter […]

Seeds, tools, training and initiative: a recipe for success!

CWS Cambodia | October 11, 2016

Chann Sim, who is 61, lives with his wife Ek Mon, who is 55, and their three children in Choam Ksant village in northern Cambodia. Sim owns one-third acre of land for the family’s house and home gardening and another 2.5 acres where Sim plans rice once each year, which is all that’s possible because […]

Our commitment to building confidence and self-reliance

Tauch Norneath, CWS Cambodia | September 19, 2016

Recently, I joined 33 of my CWS colleagues in Phnom Penh for a three-day educational workshop on disability. Our staff came from several provinces to learn how CWS can help reduce barriers in our program activities for people with disabilities. First, we reviewed the definition of disability, the physical and social barriers to community inclusion […]

Sustainable and fair access to water in northern Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | September 17, 2016

The remote village of Me Giong is in Ka Lang commune in Muong Te district in northern Vietnam. It is just six miles from the border with China. The village is made up of about 80 families, almost all of whom are of the Ha Nhi ethnic minority. The community’s water source is a gravity-fed […]

A dedicated woman. A stronger community.

CWS Cambodia | September 8, 2016

Saron Nith is 35 years old, and until recently she could not read or write. She lives in Robonh village in Cambodia, where she is part of a Village Development Committee and is an active health volunteer. She has mobilized the community to improve the condition of the community’s road, and she encourages families to […]

New well for Yen Thang primary school

CWS Vietnam | September 6, 2016

Students and teachers of the Yen Thang primary school in Van village are really happy with the new well at their school – one improvement possible because of their collaboration with CWS. Some students and teachers say they cannot believe that their dream for clean and fresh water has now come true. Even better, some say, are […]

One Humanity

Michael Koeniger | August 19, 2016

On World Humanitarian Day, we recognize the humanitarian aid workers who stand on the front lines of conflict and disaster, braving tremendous dangers and difficulties to help those who need it most. One of these humanitarian aid workers is my colleague, Harun Tambing. Harun has been a team member and leader in many of the […]

World Humanitarian Day: behind the numbers

Takeshi Komino | August 16, 2016

By the time that the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan in 2011, I had been an international aid worker for years. I had been part of CWS emergency response efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar and Thailand already. As a Japanese national, I was always “an expat” in my work. Generally, things had to […]

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