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Nguyen Van Ty, the WASH program officer, introducing about household latrine models. Photo: CWS

Reading book in Bum To primary school. Photo: CWS

Reading book in Bum To primary school. Photo: CWS

A La Hu mother feeding her child in Muong Te, Vietnam. Photo: CWS

A La Hu mother feeding her child in Muong Te, Vietnam. Photo: CWS

Church World Service has been active in Vietnam since 1954. Our programs focus on education, healthcare, water and sanitation, awareness raising and emergency preparedness. We engage community leadership, including healthcare workers and teachers, to promote the rights of children and to raise awareness about important issues like preventing trafficking, proper hand-washing and responsible water use. Our team also helps support infrastructure improvements, including connecting schools to clean water and better sanitation and helping families build household latrines.

Latest News

Everybody Reads … Wins!

CWS Vietnam | April 9, 2017

Throughout the world, and especially in developed countries, one can often see people reading books in their free time – whenever and wherever: at a bus station, in the park, during lunch in a café. But, it so different when in Vietnam, especially in rural areas, and even in schools! This is not because Vietnamese […]

Let Me Tell You Something

Nguyen Lan Anh - CWS Vietnam | April 2, 2017

Ha is a fourth grader in Quan Chu primary, and I noticed her during a break between classes as she finished washing her hands at the new basin near the school toilets. She noticed me, a visitor, too, and happily shared this story with me: “Our crowded school, you know, used to have one toilet […]

Persistence Is the Key for a Vietnam Village Health Worker

CWS Vietnam | March 19, 2017

Chang Le Hu, 33, is an ethnic Ha Nhi health worker in Ta Phu village on Vietnam’s remote northern border with China. Recently, he told CWS staff about his amazing first experience of delivering a baby! “I still remember the 30-year-old pregnant woman, Ly Phi Pu, and the fact that it was her first delivery. […]

Networking to Bring Football (Soccer) to Rural Vietnam Children

CWS Vietnam | March 13, 2017

Football, which our American friends call soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world; and in Vietnam it is called the ‘King Sport’. The game is of interest to men and women and to boys and girls alike, and it is often a school activity for student physical development. However, the chance […]

Teachers Help Protect and Improve Vietnam Village School and Home Environments

CWS Vietnam | February 20, 2017

Thi Hong is a teacher of the Tam Van kindergarten who recently joined an info-sharing workshop about domestic waste management that was organized by CWS staff and partners. Together with her 25 colleagues and her some of her students’ parents, Hong explored the health and environmental risks and threats from unhealthy habits ranging from overuse […]

CWS Program Leadership Team Shares Project Successes With Key Government Partners

CWS Vietnam | February 18, 2017

In mid January, together with Departments of Foreign Affairs colleagues from two provinces, the Vietnam country team hosted multi-stakeholder annual planning workshops in Thai Nguyen and Lai Chau provinces. During the workshops, key project partners from district Health Centers and Education Departments acknowledged the evident results of NEW IDEA efforts in 2016 while affirming plans […]

Building latrines, ending open defecation in Vietnam

CWS | January 23, 2017

Latrines. If you always have access to a toilet, you may not think it’s a big deal. For the 35 percent of the world’s people who don’t have indoor toilets or outdoor latrines, though, it’s a huge deal. This is certainly true in Vietnam, where 20 million people do not have access to sanitary latrines. […]

Learning the Health Benefits of Locally Available Foods Helps One Mother Feed Her Children Better

CWS Vietnam | January 13, 2017

Chu A Xa is a 30-year-old mother of two small children who, like many La Hu women in the far northwest region of Vietnam, feeds her family everyday with rice, maize and some pork. This diet is followed despite the fact that the fully grown pumpkins, which are plentiful, are highly nutritious and could be […]

An Advocate for Better Waste and Trash Management Is Rewarded for His Efforts

Ty Nguyen, CWS Vietnam | January 10, 2017

Meeting Mr. Yen after quite some time, I was happy to hear his happy voice saying, “You see. Our stream is now clean! There is no more garbage in it and the water is crystal clear. The air and breezes seem fresh again”. Mr. Yen heads Bai U village in northern Vietnam, and he always […]

After nearly three years, all 13 Quan Chu villages are certified and recognized as Open Defecation Free (ODF)

CWS Vietnam | December 12, 2016

In late November 2016 a host of provincial and local government leaders came together to celebrate with the 13 northern Vietnamese villages of Quan Chu Commune – and with CWS staff – for reaching their goal 100% of households latrine coverage, making it the first commune among all of Thai Nguyen Province’s  180 communes to […]

CWS President & CEO, Rev. John McCullough visited the Asia region

Leslie Wilson, CWS Asia | December 11, 2016

In early December the CWS Regional Leadership Team for Asia was pleased to welcome CWS President & CEO, Rev. John McCullough to the region to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the agency’s leadership of Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia (LARA) at an ecumenical gathering in Tokyo and to visit CWS projects in Vietnam following […]

Expanding WASH Initiatives and Innovation in Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | November 10, 2016

In response increased demand from Vietnam’s NGO/Government WASH working group, CWS and several other NGOs joined the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology [] to organize a three-day training course about bio-sand water filtration. CWS was particularly happy to join this group as WASH comprises an important part of our work in the country. […]

CWS plans to start working in one of the most difficult districts in Tuyen Quang

CWS Vietnam | November 1, 2016

In late October, CWS Country Representative, Ngo Quoc Dung and senior team member, Mai Thi Quynh Giao, joined a conference for promotion of foreign NGO cooperation with Tuyen Quang province, which was organized by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), the People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) and the Tuyen Quang province. To support Tuyen […]

Women’s Union members visited CWS initiative of household and community garbage management

CWS Vietnam | October 12, 2016

Inspired by getting to know about different garbage management models shared by the CWS team in a recent workshop for partners and other organizations, a delegation of 43 people, including local duty bearers, Vietnam Women’s Union members, project partners and Child Fund staff in Hoa Binh province, visited Thai Nguyen district for some on-site learning. […]

CWS joined hands to introduce Sphere & CHS handbooks to NGOs humanitarian workers

CWS Vietnam | October 11, 2016

In late September, CWS joined colleagues from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Save the Children in Vietnam to lead a two-day workshop about key humanitarian standards – SPHERE and CHS – plus needs assessment methodologies and tools. In all, 20 colleagues from organizations working on emergency response in Vietnam joined the workshop, […]

Child rights awareness-raising

CWS Vietnam | September 9, 2016

Phi Hung is a four-year old boy from Vietnam’s La Hu ethnic minority group who, along with his two-year-old brother and countless other ethnic minority children, does not have a birth certificate. When his parents joined a child rights awareness-raising session in his village, they like all others in remote Mu Chi village (Muong Te […]

CWS work is honored by the government

CWS Vietnam | September 8, 2016

During a project progress reviewing and planning workshop earlier this month in Muong Te in remote northern Vietnam, CWS was honored by the Lai Chau provincial People’s Committee with a Certificate of Recognition for significant support and contributions to poverty reduction and development in the province. Together with local partners, CWS is working on integrated […]

New well for Yen Thang primary school

CWS Vietnam | September 6, 2016

Students and teachers of the Yen Thang primary school in Van village are really happy with the new well at their school – one improvement possible because of their collaboration with CWS. Some students and teachers say they cannot believe that their dream for clean and fresh water has now come true. Even better, some say, are […]

Sanitary Latrines in Ka Lang Commune

CWS Vietnam | August 16, 2016

In remote and mountainous villages in northwest Vietnam, where many ethnic minority groups live, most people do not know about – and so do not practice – behaviors that those in more developed communities consider good personal and household hygiene. In particular, open defecation near water sources is a common practice, and it is not […]

Expanding hygiene promotion to the new project communes

CWS Vietnam | May 18, 2016

CWS project conducted a hygiene awareness-raising workshop to 163 people, including students and teachers in Pa U #1 primary school, in a new project commune in Lai Chau. The outcome is that the participants showed improved hygiene and environmental sanitation awareness/ knowledge of; they learned and practiced proper hand washing with soap and clean water. […]

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