A Five-Year Journey Toward Hope

CWS Indonesia | October 16, 2017

Refugee girls at the aquarium. Photo: CWS

With support from the Australian government, CWS continues a group home for refugee and asylum-seeking girls and young women in Jakarta; and one of the girls is Fatima (not her real name) who was 9 when she lost her parents as war engulfed the part of Somalia where they lived. After staying with strangers and enduring abuse at their hands for many years, Fatima was helped by a neighbor, who got her on her way to Indonesia. Eventually, after living with different Somali families in Jakarta, Fatima came to the CWS-supported group home where, at age 16 she is finally able to enjoy her life a bit with educational and recreational activities. Recently, she went with other refugees and some of her Indonesian neighbors to a big aquarium, which Fatima said she enjoyed so much because, “I love biology; and visiting the zoo [before] and now the aquarium was really interesting because I could learn about creatures I had never heard of before!” Since living in the group home with about 30 other girls, Fatima has gained confidence and a more positive outlook on life. She now looks to the future and has hope enough to say, “I want to be a doctor so I can help my fellow refugees”.

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