ACT Alliance Humanitarian Appeal for Rakhine State Is Issued

CWS Myanmar | October 29, 2017

Myanmar Rakkine map

The current conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar, started in 2012 and displaced about 140,000 people then. In 2015-2016, about 25,000 internally displace persons (IDP) were then resettled near their original home by the Myanmar government. But, in October 2016 when an armed group attacked national border guards in Northern Rakhine, the Myanmar army response led to unrest that affected thousands of people in the area. The violence intensified recently and the Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) of the UN, reports that about 500,000 people have crossed the Myanmar-Bangladesh border in the past seven weeks.

As this is a cross-border crisis which impacts Myanmar and Bangladesh, a coordinated and complementary humanitarian response among ACT Alliance members in the countries is underway to help 21,000-plus households and 15,000 individuals from Myanmar and over than 6,600 households in Bangladesh. Details of the response that is now ongoing and need major additional support can be found here: Myanmar Humanitarian Appeal for Rakhine.

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