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CWS Cambodia | December 19, 2017

Chrang (at the right in the photo) is a diligent student, who teachers praise. Photo: CWS

In early 2017 the CWS team in Cambodia wrote about a girl named Chrang and her mother, Hong Khoeun who, with CWS support started a grocery shop back in 2012 when CWS was working with poor families in Kam Prak village in northern Cambodia to support them in reaching their social and economic goals as a family. When the family decided to be a CWS household partner they gained access to information and education / training to improve their knowledge and skills; they learned about vegetable gardening, and received seeds and tools to start a home garden, which they made into a successful micro business that they expanded to include the grocery shop.

In 2012 Chrang was in grade two in Kam Prak primary school, and CWS supported her education, too, while the family was still quite poor. By 2016 however Hong Khoeun could proudly afford $12.50 each week for Chrang to continue her studies by paying her school fees plus room and board at a secondary school about 15 miles away. Now in grade eight, Chrang can travel to and from school daily with their neighbor, and she likes this much better. She told us, “I pack my lunch and my family needs only to share the cost for gasoline, so I can help save money and I also have time to help my parents at home”.

Chrang has been diligent in her studies and proudly notes that she is in the top five in her class. “I am so proud, and I am also happy because I get complements from my teachers and friend which motivates me to continue on”. When asked about her future, Chrang says she will keep studying hard to complete high school and move on to university to be a doctor or a teacher one day. “I love these career ideas because there are not enough teachers or skilled health workers in my village”.

Khoeun’s is very proud of her daughter and is committed to continuing to support her, saying, “Thank you so much to CWS for all the support to my family! I’m proud of my daughter and will help her to achieve her goals”.

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