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A village achieves Open Defecation Free status in Vietnam

“Just last year, there were only about 20 families using sanitary latrines. As the head of the village, I wanted to encourage other families to do so as well, but it was hard, and I did not know how to do it efficiently. When I heard that CWS would work with villages in the commune, […]

Child Safeguarding Grows as a Priority for The Church of Christ in Thailand

In mid-November, CWS Thailand’s child safeguarding team led its third successful Code of Conduct Writers’ Workshop. The gathering included 22 people from two church districts and four schools of The Church of Christ in Thailand Foundation. At the end of their two days together, participants better understood the importance of having child safeguarding measures. Both […]

Household latrines help families in Indonesia stay healthy during Covid-19

Disaster struck the village of Balongga in Indonesia in September 2018. A massive earthquake–and the resulting tsunamis and land liquefaction–destroyed or badly damaged most houses here. Today, many families in Balongga still live in “temporary” shelters that organizations including CWS helped them build. They are meant to be an intermediate solution and have a couple […]

Fair Water Access Promotes Peace in Cao Binh, Vietnam

Cao Binh is a Tay ethnic minority village in Vietnam’s northwestern mountains. Its name likely comes from its location. “Cao” means “high” and “Binh” means “flat”. So, it’s the flat area on a high mountain. For drinking water, people here use a small stream about a mile from the center of their village. The stream’s […]

Eggs and chickens: emergency nutrition + long-term resilience

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of South Central Timor, Indonesia, closed public markets. And with all local markets closed, Afes worried. He wouldn’t be able to sell his cassava or banana harvests, and his family urgently needed the money. His recent corn crop had failed because there wasn’t enough rain, so his […]

CWS Joins Princeton in Asia Alumnus to Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

Countless families across southeast Asia continue to suffer because of COVID-19. Few are as heavily affected than Burmese (Myanmar) migrant workers in Thailand. Recently, a US-based CWS colleague joined a HIAS colleague to ask for help. Quickly, the Asia Regional Office in Bangkok was able to allocate a small grant to help 40 families for […]

A Focus on Early Nutrition For Refugees in Thailand

Naw Paw Lue Lu and her husband are raising two children in Umpiem Mai camp in Thailand, which is home to refugee families from Myanmar. Their son is 6 years old, and their daughter is 18 months old. Naw Paw Lue Lu hasn’t had access to information or parenting classes, so she mostly followed the […]

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