Breastfeeding improvement in Muong Te

CWS Vietnam | March 8, 2016

    Po Thi Thanh giving education section to the ethnic minorities local people

    Po Thi Thanh giving education section to the ethnic minorities local people. Photo: CWS

    Po Thi Thanh, age 33, is from Thai ethnic group in Vietnam, and she works at the remote Muong Te district health center in northern Vietnam. Joining with CWS staff, Thanh usually organizes activities in remote villages to help raise people’s health awareness. Her focus on women in another ethnic group, the La Hu, is on healthy pregnancy, safe birthing and the importance of breastfeeding to reduce child malnutrition and protect their wellbeing overall. Thanh happily shares word of some good results from her efforts as more and more La Hu women become interested to join in her educational events and also start to change their lives. Thanh notes that more women are now breastfeeding their babies within an hour just after the delivery, and she says she looks forward to following their progress as messages of healthier babies and young children spread.

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