Cambodian Families Attain Their Right to Water!

CWS Cambodia | November 25, 2019

    Teng (in Cambodia) no longer worries about a lack of water thanks to this new pond. Photo: CWS

    Boeung Snul village in western Cambodia is home to 244 families. Among other difficulties, these poor families struggle to access water, especially during the dry season. At great cost, which most people cannot afford, people buy bottled water to use sparingly in the driest months.

    To help people address this challenge, which is pervasive in rural Cambodia, CWS and our partner, the Association for Development and Our Village’s Rights, works in communities like Boeung Snul to dig ponds. With families’ contributed labor and small cash investments added to CWS funds and technical help, ponds are dug as needed. Then, in addition to having more water, people have the chance to learn about the importance of using clean water – boiled or filtered, especially for cooking and drinking. Families learn about proper sanitation and good hygiene, which having water makes possible, so they can avoid preventable water-related illness.

    Before having a pond in their village, Poeun Teng and the others really suffered from not having safe water. Since September, when she and 18 other families in her neighborhood joined together to dig a 25-meter x 20-meter pond, things are different. Now, thanks to support from CWS, Teng says, “We are most grateful that we are no longer burdened with the expense of buying water”.

    A core part of CWS work in Cambodia and across southeast Asia, is to help families attain their basic rights to water and sanitation. Digging ponds like those in Boeung Snul is one of several way CWS does this.

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    With their new pond families no longer spend money to buy water and use it to improve their lives in other ways. Photo: CWS

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