Child Safeguarding Grows as a Priority for The Church of Christ in Thailand

CWS Thailand | November 22, 2020

    The participants of the Code of Conduct Writers’ Workshop. Photo: CWS

    In mid-November, CWS Thailand’s child safeguarding team led its third successful Code of Conduct Writers’ Workshop. The gathering included 22 people from two church districts and four schools of The Church of Christ in Thailand Foundation. At the end of their two days together, participants better understood the importance of having child safeguarding measures. Both formal documents and practical actions were highlighted. Everyone who joined the workshop said how grateful they were to CWS for their support and guidance. It was especially inspiring to hear for the successes of other schools and churches that are farther along in the process. The next step to which everyone agreed is creating local child safeguarding committees. These groups’ role is to approve action plans for local codes of conduct by mid-December 2020. After this, monitoring will be key to success. So, the CWS child safeguarding team will continue working with the committees and communities to give support, and encouragement, where needed.

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