Child Safeguarding Networking Conference

CWS Thailand | December 31, 2019

    Child Safeguarding Planning. Photo: CWS

    Child Safeguarding workshop group work. Photo: CWS

    In November, the CWS Thailand Child Safeguarding team hosted a Child Safeguarding Networking Conference for the second ‘generation’ of Church of Christ in Thailand schools and church districts that are implementing the 2016 CCT Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding, starting is 2020. Representatives from eight schools and two church districts came together to learn, or learn more than many already know, about the importance of protecting children from harm at all times and in all settings, especially schools and churches. They also learned from the project team, and from first ‘generation’ experience, how to establish local Child Safeguarding Committee and start to draft local Codes of Conduct for child safeguarding.

    Following two days of intensive, interactive sharing and learning, Mr. Tapanick Payamongkon, the head of Counseling, Psychology, Guidance and Special Education of Prince Royal’s College in Chiang Mai said, “I think the networking conference was a great thing because this [issue] is something school leaders might overlook since they tend to prioritize academics and curriculum development. If the CWS and the Church of Christ in Thailand did not have this initiative, these issues would continue to be overlooked and there will be just a few people – those who deal with these issues directly – who are aware of this. Child safeguarding is very important because if the children are not in a good [emotional] state to learn, then teachers cannot fully teach them”.

    “The challenge for succeeding in this work is to raise awareness with others in the school [as well as parents] and for them to see the importance of child protection and safeguarding like I now see it”.

    The next time Teacher Payamongkon and other second ‘generation’ leaders will come together to share ideas to help others understand the importance of this shared work is when they join a Writer’s Workshop in March 2020, when they start drafting their school and church district codes of conduct.

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