CWS and Government Health Workers Team Up to Multiply Outreach

CWS Timor-Leste | June 17, 2019

Augusto. Photo: CWS

As its government’s integrated community health service, SISCa brings care to communities across Timor-Leste. Mothers and young children are among health service staff priorities. Weighing and vaccinating under-fives is a key aim according to Augusto Guterres, a long-time Ministry of Health worker.

Back in 2008 Augusto was named SISCa Program Coordinator in Liquisa, where he lives with his wife and five kids. Last year CWS team members met him while expanding Timor Zero Hunger, which also focuses on young children’s nutrition and health. In talking to CWS staff recently, Augusto said, “Working alone in [remote] areas like this is very difficult. Before CWS started working in this area, I found it so difficult”. But now, CWS staff go with Augusto to his village outreach visits, and we take the opportunity to share complementary nutrition information with mothers – something that they have never had before. “The extra information CWS shares helps improve lives in our communities,” says Augusto. Needless to say, CWS staff is pleased for the change to create synergies and add value to August’s efforts, which help so many people.

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Augusto (sitting in the middle on the bench) updates children’s weights during monthly check-ups. Photo: CWS

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