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CWS Thailand | August 26, 2019

Sangkhlaburi church members at the Writers Workshop with child protection expert, Suchawalee Mankhong. Photo: CWS

Code of Conduct outline for Sangkhlaburi. Photo: CWS

In early 2019, the CWS Child Safeguarding team, which is seconded to the Office of Child Protection at The Church of Christ in Thailand, traveled to Sangkhlaburi to meet community leaders from the Church district, which hosts a school, many churches and the Kwai River Christian Hospital. The meeting’s aim was to support all Church entities in forming their local child safeguarding committee.

Initial success was achieved when district leaders decided that they would convene a single committee with members from the school, the church and the hospital: three people from the school and two each from the hospital and the church district. Each community will include their director as one of their representatives. It was encouraging that everyone was enthusiastic about for the importance of being accountable for safeguarding the children in all places. And it was great to realize that the Sangkhlaburi committee would be able to join the Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct Writing Workshop with schools and churches from other schools and Church districts in June.

Just as they were successful in coming together as a joint Code of Conduct advocacy and mobilizing team, they were also successful at the writing workshop with a solid draft document in hand when the workshop ended. Now, alongside other committees that the Child Safeguarding Program Officers are supporting, the Sangkhlaburi team in moving forward to finalize their Code of Conduct along with guidelines and protocols to ensure people’s understanding of The Church of Christ in Thailand’s aim to be a child safe institution, and a role model for other schools, especially.

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Sangklaburi Child Safeguarding Committee meeting. Photo: CWS

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