CWS is Responding to Western Japan’s Floods: Issues an Emergency Appeal

CWS | July 13, 2018

Health coordination meeting. Photo: CWS

In its ‘worst weather disaster since 1982’ Japan is dealing with torrential rains that started in early July and have resulted to massive floods and landslides in more than 11 prefectures. So far, 214 deaths are confirmed, at least 20 people are missing, 2,000 are isolated by blockades, and 5,000-plus people are living in evacuation centers.

Both domestic and international media have been covering the disaster daily, and recent media reports these facts: BBC News and Japan Times

CWS Japan is responding with its humanitarian and ecumenical partners, including HuMA, a Japanese medical NGO which is deploying doctors and nurses to the area and the United Church of Christ and YMCA Japan. CWS is also engaging with some of its Members in the United States to help.

Immediate assistance will be basic health and hygiene support at evacuation centers, so secondary health-related disasters, like dehydration, diarrhea and communicable conditions, are avoided. Help for people, especially families with children as well as elderly people, who could not reach evacuation centers is an immediate priority for clean water, basic food and non-food item assistance. Recovery efforts, such as clearing of debris in homes are being organized as well.

Simultaneous with its action, CWS Japan will be in dialogue with Japanese academia to document and analyze disaster risk reduction and mitigation lessons to be learned from this disaster to. Right now, CWS Japan needs help from friends and colleagues globally. For more information, please contact Takeshi Komino, Country Representative, CWS Japan telephone: 03-5577-4538; email: )

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