CWS-led SOLIDARITAS project is supporting villages to become disaster resilient

CWS Indonesia | October 11, 2016


A workshop with CWS partners. Photo: CWS

Several years ago the Government of Indonesia introduced its Disaster Resilient Village program, Desa Tangguh Bencana – or, simply, Destana.  Now, with Australian government funding, the CWS-led SOLIDARITAS project is supporting two South Sulawesi villages to become disaster resilient and to serve as models for other nearby villages. As a first step in SOLIDARITAS, three facilitators from each village learned about Destana during a five-day workshop that also included colleagues from local and national government, a local partner and CWS – 15 people in all.  All six facilitators completed the workshop successfully and received National Disaster Management Agency certificates confirming them as Destana facilitators for their villages.

One newly credentialed facilitator, Sarah Payung, said, “I learned a lot. For example, I learned how we can help prepare our communities for disasters, starting with making plans, like a Disaster Management Plan and a Community Action Plan, including evacuation plans and contingency plans. This is all very useful.”  

The Head of North Toraja District, Dr. Kala’tiku Paembonan, who opened the workshop, said “This initiative will provide assistance to the government and communities and help reduce the vulnerabilities and threats of disaster in our district. I would like to encourage all of the participants to follow the guidelines provided for disaster prevention and mitigation and implement them in their villages.” He added:  “I will also seek to include the Destana initiative as one of the priority activities in the Regional Disaster Management Agency plan in 2017”.

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