CWS Partnership with the UK’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund Is Strengthening in Asia

CWS Japan | August 27, 2019

    Humanitarian Innovation Fund team photo in London. Photo: CWS

    Since 2017 CWS Japan has been hosting the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network innovation hub, and this collaboration has led a partnership agreement with the UK-based Humanitarian Innovation Fund.

    In 2018, the Tokyo-based innovation hub team for Asia started to focus on addressing metropolitan earthquake risks in Manila, where with innovation partners, including universities, high schools, non-government organizations and government agencies are all working to reduce both human and economic losses in the event that a predicted mega earthquake erupts in or near Manila. And, while the most active phase of the collaboration is ended with innovation teams moving on with additional work, CWS will continue to contribute by supporting the teams with coaching on idea/plan implementation. This will be done through the national project focal point, Center for Disaster Preparedness, which is another ADRRN Executive Committee member. With ongoing support of this find, CWS is working to fulfill our commitment, as ‘believers’, in the Grand Bargain, to localization.

    As the inaugural Asia innovation project in The Philippines transitioned to its second year, a strategic partnership meeting was held in London in July. One key outcome was reaffirmation, based significantly on the Manila success, was the partnership’s potential to extend scientific and technological innovation to civil society groups and their government partners across Asia. So, to further facilitate this, the partnership agreement was extended until 2021. And, the group decided to focus on India as its next focus for localized humanitarian innovation, with project details to be worked out in the coming months.

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