CWS Supports Better, Balanced Diets … Everyday!

CWS Myanmar | October 15, 2020

    Not just on World Food Day, but for six months of the year, CWS supports volunteer Mother-Leaders in Myanmar to help families improve their diets.

    Together with our Field Coordinators, the leaders host cooking demonstrations for mothers and other caregivers of children under age 5. Demonstrations focus on making nutritionally balanced meals. They also give those who gather a chance to learn about preserving their foods’ natural nutrients with better cooking methods. For example, using less water and cooking vegetables, especially, for less time.

    For several years, CWS has been working with families in Maubin Township, about 60 miles west of Yangon, to improve family diets.

    In recent years, CWS has organized information sessions and shard vegetable seeds that have helped double the number of families planting home gardens. The gardens, in turn, help cash-strapped families save on grocery bills while providing a source of vegetables for better balanced diets.

    Across southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Vietnam, CWS teams work with families and schools to share information and material support for more food, healthier diets and better eating habits … everyday!

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