Clean Water Supports Better Health

CWS Cambodia | March 12, 2017

Sreymao and her kids are very happy to receive a water filter. Photo: CWS

Sreymao and her kids are very happy to receive a water filter. Photo: CWS

Recently, Promoting Better Lives (PBL) project partner, Rural Development Association (RDA), supported the community by distributing water filters to 269 families from 17 villages. One recipient was Mrs. Haeuy Sreymao who is 26 and lives with her two young children in Ang Chueng village in northwest Cambodia. Her husband Eng Noeun, 37, has is a work migrant to Thailand where he is a daily wage worker. The family is quite poor and could never afford to buy a water filer so Sreymao expressed her appreciation for the filter saying, “I am happy for the chance for my children to have safe water for drinking so we can stop drinking pond water, which is still dangerous for things like diarrhea. Even when she lets the dirt and other harmful things settle to the bottom of the bucket she uses to collect water, there are still big risks to the children, who are only four and six, so quite vulnerable to water-bourne diseases and conditions. The CWS Cambodia team is really happy for CROP support, which makes this small but important impact possible.

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