Emergency preparedness in village

CWS Myanmar | September 7, 2016

Saw Kae Mhu lives in Kha Naung village in Southwest Myanmar, where flooding is sometime mild and sometimes severe – but ever present. To help his family and neighbors be better prepared than in the past to cope with their perennial floods, Saw Kae Mhu decided to engage with CWS and the local YMCA to make some changes. As a member of the village Communication and Early Warning group, Saw Kae Mhu notes, “We have good practice for preparedness now with emergency stocks of water, food, some medicines and clothes at home. And, the Preparedness and Evacuation Center Management group is always ready to stock safe water, dry food and supplies in the church when word of new floods reaches us. With outside help, we now have more information about disaster risks and now to reduce them, and also our health risks, especially during floods. Now we are very careful in our preparedness and we listen and act with early warning message.” He continued, “The footpath renovation that we did together is helpful not only for disasters, likely evacuating during floods, but also for our daily life: students can go to school safely, patients can go to clinic easily, farmers and shopkeepers can get to the main road in just 10 minutes now. It used to take at least 30 minutes from the edge of the village in the rainy season because of mud and standing water.” Also, Saw Kae Mhu said with some pride, “Now people’s attitude is also changed. We are confident in helping each other because we have learned what to prepare and what to do when disaster happens”.

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