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CWS Cambodia | October 16, 2017

Chanrith proudly saying: “There are many improvements we can see in the village since we began the Village Health Support Group”. Photo: CWS

Ngin Chanrith, who is 50, lives with her husband Bun Heang in Anglong Thma village in central Cambodia near their two sons and two daughters, who have families of their own. Heang is the village Chief while Chanrith drives a motorcycle taxi to earn about $5 a day to supplement their income. To help her community and extended family, Chanrith also joined the CWS-supported Village Health Support Group to raise awareness about health issues affecting the community and, importantly, the value of using available care to address concerns of maternal child health, primary health and nutrition.

With information and support from CWS staff and government health workers, Chanrith visits her neighbors and other community members to share her knowledge and give people the chance to ask specific questions and learn at their own pace. When asked about the impact of the Anglong Thma—CWS partnership Chanrith noted, “There are many improvements we can see in the village since we began the Village Health Support Group. People have received good information and both personal and household hygiene has improved. Now we do not have as many cases of diarrhea as in the past as families now know to wash their hands frequently, and with soap, and to drink filtered or boiled water only. Also, young child health has improved and, according to the regular growth monitoring, there are no underweight children”. This is due in part to lower diarrhea incidence (from better hygiene) and also from improved diets and healthier meals, which mothers have learned with CWS support and Group teaching-coaching.

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