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HIV testing. Photo: CWS

Ana Monica da Silva, who received the HIV info-sessions training from CWS said: “since some of my neighbors have not heard this important information yet, I have started to share what I now know with them to help them protect themselves and others from HIV and other STI”. Photo: CWS

a CWS program in Timor-Leste trains students to lead their peers in learning about stopping HIV and AIDS

CWS program in Timor-Leste trains students to lead their peers in learning about stopping HIV and AIDS. Photo: CWS


A lack of understanding about the transmission of HIV and AIDS, along with strong stigma against anyone who is HIV-positive, keeps communities in East Timor at risk for increased spread of the infection. In focusing on East Timorese Defense Forces (army) personnel, their families and the communities near their barracks, our work promotes awareness and understanding about HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support. Through this initiative, military families and their neighbors are afforded access to HIV testing and counseling services, diagnosis and treatment of other sexually transmitted infections (STI), while we also support F-FDTL leadership to develop policies about and provide care for its people living with HIV.

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One Timor-Leste Soldier’s Call To Help Stop HIV Infection

CWS Timor Leste | November 13, 2016

Sergeant Luis da Costa is the commander of a 15-person Timor-Leste army (F-FDTL) post in Becora, a neighborhood in Dili. Since it is such a small post, not all personnel have had a chance in the context of CWS partnership with the army, to join in HIV and STI awareness-raising activities – and, importantly, to […]

IEC materials to improve 200+ students’ knowledge about HIV-AIDS and other STI risks

CWS Timor Leste | October 12, 2016

Recently the CWS Timor-Leste team received an unexpected visitor – a woman on a mission. Literally! Sister Julia Shideler stopped in our Dili office in search of information-education-communication (IEC) materials about HIV prevention. Born in Oakland, CA, Sister Julia is a Roman Catholic Maryknoll missionary who has worked in Timor-Leste for the last 9 years. […]

HIV testing and counseling

CWS Timor Leste | September 9, 2016

Recently a Timor-Leste army (F-FDTL) medical team, accompanied by senior officers responsible for operations and human resources, visited Jakarta to learn about Indonesia’s experience with HIV prevention, treatment and care in its military. The delegation visited local NGOs, Angsa Merah and Karisma, to see ‘best practice’ HIV testing and counseling, including how to inform clients […]

Dr. Anacleto Soares on becoming a Master Trainer

CWS Timor Leste | April 30, 2016

Dr. Anacleto Soares, 32, is a doctor at the Timorese army (F-FDTL) training base in Metinaro, about an hour outside Dili, which is the capital of Timor-Leste, which he left in 2003 to go to medical school in Cuba. He has recently returned and, surprisingly, at a recent workshop he told our CWS colleagues, “When […]

Change thought after HIV education session

CWS Timor Leste | March 28, 2016

“We thought that HIV infects someone because God is angry.”, said Mr. Alcino Araujo, the head of Teki-Teki Surikmas neighborhood near the headquarters of the Timorese armed forces in Dili. After joining the HIV education session, which was held for neighbors of army installation, he was relieved to know otherwuse. “We have manyyoung men and […]

HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) workshop

CWS Timor Leste | February 28, 2016

Among the participants in this month’s HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) workshop was Second Lieutenant Anabela da Cruz, a doctor with the Timor-Leste army (F-FDTL). “When I returned from medical school in Cuba in 2012,” she said, “I was happy to hear about CWS support for HIV prevention in my country. As a doctor I […]

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