“I hope to build my good future”

CWS Indonesia | April 11, 2017

A picture of Feisal in Indonesia. Photo: CWS

A picture of Feisal in Indonesia. Photo: CWS

Feisal* has no memory of his parents and siblings because he was barely one year old when they were killed in their Somali home, and his grandmother fled with him to safety and to raise him on her own. Then, a few years ago, when he was 20, tragedy struck again. “One day, the only parent I had, who had nurtured me since I was a baby, was shot; with my own eyes, I saw my grandmother killed. “At that moment, I thought that the world was against me and that there was no hope at all for me,” Feisal remembers. But, Feisal has proved himself an optimist – and a survivor. In time, he managed to leave Somalia and found safety in Indonesia, where he heard about CWS and sought help. Now, after just a few years in Jakarta, Faisal volunteers teaching Indonesian language to other asylum seekers and refugees in the UNHCR-funded PURE project.

Life goes on, and recently Feisal and his wife welcomed a baby. “I really appreciate that CWS helped us access a hospital and pay the bill,” says Feisal, who, like other refugees, is supported for essential health care though the UNHCR-funded PURE project. From his own life Feisal surmises, “that in adversities lie opportunity; so, I am always optimistic. I hope to be resettled to a third country one day and to build my good future there with my wife and son. I am grateful to CWS, UNHCR and all the organizations that have been here for us.”

*name changed for anonymity.

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