It Takes a Village!

CWS Indonesia | November 18, 2017

Disaster Resilient Village facilitator Antonia (Nia) Nomlene. Photo: CWS

Antonia (Nia) Nomlene is a 28-year-old mother of two from Saenam village in West Timor. Last year, Nia volunteered as a facilitator in the SOLIDARITAS initiative to help make Saenam a Government-designated Disaster Resilient Village; and since then, supported by CWS and partner, Gerbangmas, Nia has been helping her neighbors and local government workers learn about many aspects of disaster awareness: risk reduction, preparedness to respond and response best practice. “I have learned so much! Knowing about hazard, vulnerability and capacity assessment; about emergency response, including First Aid, and other preparation, I have helped Saenam develop our Village Action and Disaster Preparedness Plans.”

“With the District Disaster Management Agency, our new Disaster Risk Reduction Forum, for which I am Treasurer, and Disaster Preparedness Team, to which I belong, were able – with CWS and Gerbangmas staff support – to include disaster risk reduction activities into our Village Development Plan,” she said; and continued, “I have seen many positive changes since last year. Not only do we have regulations regarding disaster management; many of us – including Government people – now have more awareness and more capacity to cope with the disasters. For example, we now know the importance of protecting the forest so we will not be buried by landslides and we have started planting trees on slopes where landslides might start.”

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