Japan’s Ecumenical Taskforce for SAIGAI (disaster) Responds to Kyushu Island Floods

CWS Japan | September 8, 2017

Rev Takezaki. Photo: CWS

Heavy July rains caused massive flooding and disaster in northern Kyushu Island, which is the third largest and most southwesterly of Japan’s four main islands. Tragically, at least 36 people died during the flooding and aftermath.

To support our ecumenical partners in Japan, CWS was fortunate to be able to deploy Program Officer Yukiko Maki to work with the Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center, which was quick to gear up for relief and recovery activities, including debris clearance and support coordination. Rev. Takezaki of Hita Evangelical Church is now directing recovery operations for the most affected communities. Having experienced Kobe’s massive 1995 earthquake and having also served as a volunteer for 2011’s East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami response, he moved quickly to find a venue for disaster response volunteers to live and work, and he expertly mobilized church members to support relief and now recovery efforts.

With leaders like Rev. Takezaki in Japan’s Christian community, CWS is encouraged in supporting and collaborating with them through the JETS platform – Japan’s Ecumenical Taskforce for SAIGAI (disaster).

(For more information please contact t.komino@cwsjapan.org )


Kyushu flood in Japan. Photo: CWS

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