Never Too Old to Learn and Change

CWS Cambodia | June 17, 2019

Mrs. Sak is happy to have safe water to drink. Photo: CWS

As part of continuing efforts to help people improve their awareness and access to safe drinking water in rural Cambodia, CWS supports outreach activities about the importance of using clean water. There is a focus on storing water safely, too. Staff from CWS long-time partner, the Association for Development and Our Villagers’ Rights, recently reached out to 20 especially poor families in Koub village in western Cambodia to help them work on this key issue – using clean water – as one way improve their lives. After the education session, which included information-sharing about how to keep their water clean and safe, there was a time for questions and answers. Then, each family received a sustainable low-tech ceramic water filter and a 20-liter durable plastic lidded storage container.

Marn Sak, who is 79 and lives with her three-generation five-member family in a small house without running water, joined the village gathering. And, after the Q&A, she talked about how her family usually used water directly from unprotected and unsafe sources such as the local pond and a canal. As a result, she said, they often have diarrhea and other illness. In turn, she noted, the family spent a lot of money on medicines and time in lost work hours recovering from these preventable illnesses. Now, from her new understanding about the importance of clean, safe water, and anticipating positive change in her family’s health, Marn thanked CWS for the water filter and storage container. “I am very happy for this support. The new information about why clean and safe water is important is welcome!”

CWS and Our Villagers’ Rights staff are especially happy that CWS supporters in the United States have made it possible to provide the material support – quality filters and storage capacity – as well as education so families can benefit immediately from their new awareness.

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