New Kwai River Christian Hospital Construction Moves Forward with Khun Pranote As a Driving Force

CWS Thailand | August 27, 2019

Pranote at the Kwai River Christian Hospital’s (current) nurses’ station. Photo: CWS

Pranote (right) reviews construction drawings for the new hospital. Photo: CWS

Pranote Buskornreungrat has been with Kwai River Christian Hospital for seven years. He takes pride in the fact that the hospital employs the only full-time surgeon in a 150 mile radius. As importantly, the surgeon, like all Hospital staff, treat patients from all walks of life, and both sides of the Thai-Burma border, whether they can pay, or no. “[Our hospital] is of a different kind in this country – because we are at the border”, he says. “We serve both countries. This is our special mission. We are in Thailand, but we serve 70% non-Thai. Many of our patients come from Burma”.

To build the best network of care for people in the area, Pranote is helping The Church of Christ in Thailand leadership expand the Hospital’s reach. For example, he is partnering with the Myanmar Baptist Convention to collaborate with a medium-sized hospital in Myanmar for patient referrals to ensure that more people get the high-quality care they need. When talking about Kwai River Christian Hospital supporters who are making it possible for the staff to help even more in the future, Pranote says, “Their investment will be fruitful. This is because the Hospital will expand care and services for Myanmar’s people as well as vulnerable people in Thailand. I’m sure in the future we will be more active and serve people on the Myanmar side more”.

And speaking of expanding, Pranote is of course excited about the new facility being built in Sangkhlaburi. “We will develop our capacity very much”, he says. The new site will have an Intensive Care Unit, the first in that 150-mile radius he mentioned. It will also have equipment for minimally invasive surgery, which isn’t possible in the current hospital. Plus, the new maternity ward will have a nursery, which is needed because of the area’s high birth rate in serving minority Christian communities.

It’s a busy time at Kwai River Christian Hospitals – the one that started as a missionary hospital many decades ago and the one that will be finished in mid-2020. Pranote is a capable leader to have at the helm!

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