Nofi’s Uncle Supports Her Will To Have Power Over Her Life

CWS Indonesia | December 31, 2019

    Nofi at her school. Photo: CWS

    Nofrita Eky, who goes by Nofi, is a 19-year-old girl who has lives with her grandmother and uncle. When she was 14, Nofi’s father died and, to make ends meet, her mother moved to a community about 4-hours away from Nofi, to work as a teacher. So, while she is sad to not be with her mother, Nofi feels lucky that her uncle is very supportive of her becoming educated – like her mother is.

    So, when CWS introduced health education programs, he encouraged her to join them. Now, Nofi is active in the Berdaya initiative, which is a component of CWS work that tries to empower youth, especially girls, to learn about their sexual and reproductive health so they fully understand their bodies and biology. One key aim is to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies, which are all too common where Nofi lives. Sadly, this is largely because sexual and reproductive health is not a common topic in conservative Enonabuasa village. In fact, talking about sex, even for education, is considered taboo.

    But, as noted, Nofi, unlike many of her peers, was encouraged to join the program and she feels many benefits from Berdaya. “I’m really happy to learn about my biological health in much more depth than the what I’m learning at school”, Nofi shared. “In fact, now that I have a better understanding of how things work, I have increased my grades in science and biology in semester tests”.

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