Not Quite Rags to Riches, But Close Enough!

CWS Cambodia | May 17, 2018

Ven is sharing his practical knowledge on how to hatch chicken egg and how to take care chick. Photo: CWS

Ven is sharing his practical knowledge to other people. Photo: CWS

Bun Ven, who is 44, lives with his wife, Heng Samoeut, who is 39, and their daughter in Tuek Kraham village in northern Cambodia. These days Ven earns a good living by rice farming and raising chickens with his family, and by helping other poor farmers work hard to improve their lives. However, when he first joined CWS-supported development activities as a Household Partner more than 10 years ago, Ven was extremely poor and his small family did not have enough to eat most days and certainly there was no money for school fees and uniforms. So, when Ven joined CWS activities to improve his family’s life, his idea was to earn enough money to live a decent, if simple, life.

Ven chose to learn more about chicken-raising and then, with the gift of a few chickens from CWS, he started his business. Having been an active learner and a person willing to take initiative, Ven kept learning from his and others’ experience to improve and expanded his chicken raising business – which changed his life for good. Recently, Ven proudly told us, “From knowing nothing about chickens, I am now running a successful business so my family has enough food all year round, my daughter goes to school, and we even saved some money to renovate our house. I now earn around $1,500 each season from my rice harvest and from chicken-raising.” Ven has additional income as well from being a livelihoods educator-trainer who shares his practical knowledge and skills with others in his community about how best to raise healthy chicken, including cage preparation, proper feeding and disease prevention, especially from vaccination. He is always on hand to answer questions and coach others, too.

In thinking back to 2007 when he first heard about CWS, Ven added, “I am so thankful for past support, and now for helping me use my knowledge and skills, which I learned because of CWS, to confidently share my knowledge with other community members.”

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