“Now we can take part in saving ourselves”: Disaster Resilience Grows in Sulawesi, Indonesia

CWS Indonesia | November 27, 2019

    Dolo Kanua showing how he uses the kentongan for an early warning tool. Photo: CWS

    Lembang Pondingao village of about 700 people in remote mountainous South Sulawesi, Indonesia. As such it, like much of the country, is earthquake-prone. This is a big concern for 45-year-old Dolo Karua, the village’s leader since 2007. “Every time there is an earthquake, people panic”. Understandably.

    Because of his responsibility for 700 people, Dolo Karua is a strong supporter of the CWS DREAM initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction through Enhanced Adaptive Measures. He sees that the program has help his community get ready to not panic, but react wisely, when a disaster strikes. For example, after an earthquake in November 2018, Dolo Karua knew that when he hit the kentongan (bamboo drum), everyone would know to head to the assembly point they had agreed on earlier as part of the evacuation system planned by the Lembang Disaster Preparedness Team. The team, which was formed with CWS support, makes Dolo Karua happy because it helps the village be self-reliant and resilient: “Now we can take part in saving ourselves”.

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