Nutrition Promotion with a Very Special Champion

CWS Myanmar | November 17, 2017

U Maw (right) talking with CWS staff. Photo: CWS

U Maw is 67 year old and lives with his wife, Daw Tin, and three children in Let Pan Tan village, where he farms winter crops on nine acres of land that he owns. He is a respected grand old man because he is very active in community development, and he is often asked to serve on village committees for social and economic development and community governance. Not surprisingly, he has given a great deal of support to encourage his friends and neighbors to engage in CWS-led nutrition project activities because he wishes to see all children and adults to be healthy. He knows that having nutritious food, drinking safe water, and using a sanitary latrine and having other hygienic behavior will help make this so.

Speaking to CWS staff recently, U Maw said, “Most villagers here have limited knowledge about health and nutrition. They do not know exactly how to prepare and share nutritious food for children at different ages, especially very young children. So, it is good that CWS has given mothers and caretakers some opportunities to learn more about nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, which are very useful for them to take proper care of their children so they grow up healthy and happy. This is very important because today’s children are future leaders of our village.”

U Maw also said that, at first, most mothers were not enthusiastic to join the project’s sessions. But now, after a lot of CWS outreach, they better realize the importance of good nutrition and proper hygiene for their children’ future, and they are more and more eager to participate in project activities – even though they are busy with their daily household work. Knowing the importance of having influential community members, especially men, as supporters of things often considered “women’s work” alone, the CWS team is especially grateful for U Maw’s engagement and encouragement.

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