Safe Access To Deep Water Is Changing Myanmar Families’ Lives

CWS Myanmar | November 15, 2016

Ma Thida Aye, who lives in a village in southwest Myanmar, is 38 years old and married with three children. Together with her husband, she farms a small plot of land, where they grow mung beans for sale – and for a meager family livelihood. Needless to say, one Ma Thida Aye’s main daily jobs – as is the case for millions of women worldwide – is to collect water for the garden. Often Ma Thida Aye can carry water from a hand-pump well at her neighbor’s house, which makes things a bit easy – despite the great weight of water. However, the pump cannot be used during the rainy season because the area around it is flooded. So, she stores as much rain water as her containers will hold and rains allow, but this is not enough to cover household needs – let alone farm needs. Now, with Disciples of Christ support from their Week of Compassion, and with CWS technical assistance and in-kind community support, the neighborhood hand-pump well is substantially renovated with a 2-meter raised concrete platform. Ma Thida Aye and others can use it to access plentiful deep ground water year-round. The impact for the family’s home and personal hygiene and, most importantly, bean fields, is great, and Ma Thida Aye is very happy for the possibilities for her children, especially.

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