Settling in and Getting to Work for the Future

CWS Indonesia | October 3, 2019

    Robel practices fixing a phone during the mobile phone repair class. Photo: CWS

    Roble (not his real name) was born in a small town about 25 kilometers from Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Roble’s family was part of a minority clan and, in a country where clan is more esteemed than nationality, Roble’s clan faced discrimination … and worse. For example, one day men from the area’s majority clan attacked Roble’s family and killed his father in front of the whole family. After this, his cousin was afraid that Roble would be killed next. So, he arranged Roble’s escape.

    After a bus ride to Mogadishu, a flight to Malaysia and a boat trip to Jakarta, Roble – like hundreds of other asylum seekers in Indonesia – found his way to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office, where he registered for asylum. Like other children before him, Roble was then fortunate to be taken to a group home for CWS protection and care. Besides being grateful for safety and a place to sleep, Roble was also happy to see other Somali boys his age in his new home. “I feel safer and more comfortable here than when I was back in Somalia”!

    Now, settled in his new home, Roble is slowly learning English and the Indonesian. And recently he started a class in mobile phone repair. The class is difficult because of the small differences in different phones, but Roble is at the top of the class and works hard to stay there. “Mastering this skill will change my future for the better”, Roble said, because he knows that having a modern vocational skill will give him a chance to earn extra money, especially for the day he turns age 18 and will leave the group home. By offering Roble and other boys like him the opportunity to develop useful skills, CWS works to ensure they are prepared for their independent lives after their group home protection and care.

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    Robel and his friends join a mobile phone repair class. Photo: CWS

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