Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Emerges as a CWS Priority in Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | November 26, 2019

    CWS has joined the Partnership for Disaster Risk Reduction in Vietnam. Photo: CWS

    Vietnam is one of the most natural disaster-affected countries in the world. And, in recent years, Vietnam is like the rest of the world in experiencing more frequent weather-related disasters. With more extreme and unusual new characteristics, storms are having disastrous and deadly effects. The economic and social impacts of these storms and related disasters are already significant. With continuing climate change, they are likely to become even more severe.

    In its efforts to improve the situation, the government of Vietnam initiated several programs and policies to manage disaster and climate change risks. The most recent is that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has signed a Partnership Framework with the NGO Disaster Management Working Group to highlight and strengthen disaster risk reduction and mitigation, as well as management, in Vietnam.

    Being a core active member of the Working Group, CWS is active in the Partnership to help create a growing open forum for sharing of information, experience and good practices relating to policies, practices, research, technology and investment in disaster prevention, control and response.

    The area where CWS is most interested and able to engage is in raising awareness among stakeholders, especially in remote rural communities where we partner for daily development. Our goal is to help families and villages understand their roles and responsibilities for disaster resilience. Another aim is to share information about the government’s responsibility to them in building natural disaster prevention and response capacity for resilience. Toward this purpose, CWS Vietnam and Japan teams are teaming up on a pilot project to enhance disaster resilience in Chiem Hoa district, a disaster-prone area in northern Vietnam. The project is now in a final review by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official approval toward the end of 2019 and early 2020 start-up. All CWS team members across southeast Asia are eager and hopeful for good results.

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