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Complex Crises Compounded by COVID-19

When disasters hit communities in Asia, CWS staff are often on the front line to help people. As needed, CWS responds to families affected by floods, earthquakes and drought. Increasingly, CWS staff compile and share lessons learned from government and civil society disaster response. The focus of CWS analysis, like CWS responses, is largely on […]

Local Partners Continue CWS Japan-led Recovery from Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon Faxai made landfall in east-central Japan in September 2019 on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba prefecture. Its impact was exacerbated when Typhoon Hagibis hit the same area the next month on October 12th. Tateyama city, where CWS Japan and partners responded to Hagibis, was a complete disaster due not only to the storms but […]

I remember the day I was told, “Kobe is on fire”.

January 17th marks the 25th year anniversary from Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, which killed more than 6,400 people in 1995. Ninety percent were crushed by collapsing houses. I was a teenager living outside Japan at the time. But, now I have moved to Kobe, where my wife’s family lives. Today I have a different feeling […]

Asia Pacific Regional NGO Partnership Week in Review

CWS Japan team members were key leaders at November’s 2019 Asia-Pacific Regional NGO Partnership Week. During the last week of November more than 200 humanitarian and development colleagues from 31 countries convened to discuss the past year’s successes and challenges, and to plan for joint action in 2020. The Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network […]

Water management innovation initiative starts in India!

For a second year, CWS Japan is hosting the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network’s Innovation Hub. This year, in partnership with the London-based Humanitarian Innovation Fund and Seeds India, the Hub’s focus is on promoting grassroots disaster management innovation in India. A new initiative is now under way to help the country address some […]

Typhoon Hagibis Japan Situation Report #4

All Typhoon Hagibis recovery work is planned and carried out in partnership with the National Christian Council in Japan which, together with CWS Japan, comprise the ACT Forum Japan. In addition to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America donors who are support of our work are United Church of Canada, United Church of Christ, Church […]

Typhoon Hagibis Japan Situation Report #3

The effects of Typhoon Hagibis, which made landfall in Japan on October 12, 2019, continues to be felt by thousands of vulnerable in the country’s central regions. Widespread torrential rains that, in just two days produced 30%-40% of Japan’s usual annual rainfall, combined with strong winds, flooding and landslides led to Category 5 warnings to […]

Typhoon Hagibis Situation Report #2

Typhoon Hagibis has devastated already disaster-hit areas, including Tateyama in Chiba where Typhoon Faxai hit last month. In addition, several days of heavy rain followed Typhoon Hagibis and worsened conditions in already hard-hit communities. Blue plastic sheets that were used to cover damaged roofs are already damaged and becoming ineffective; communities must re-do the temporary […]

Sphere 2018 Japanese version launched!

Recently, the Japan Quality and Accountability Network (JQAN), which is chaired by CWS Japan, launched the Japanese translation of the Sphere 2018 standards handbook. The event included an in-person gathering with more than 35 virtual participants from non-profit organizations and United Nations agencies plus government staff and university professors along with Sphere staff in Geneva. […]

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