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An extra nutrition boost for young refugee children in Thailand

About 90,000 refugees from Myanmar live in nine camps in western Thailand, near the Thailand-Myanmar border. Our long-time partner, The Border Consortium, reaches these refugees with food, shelter and other support. A few months ago, as the threat of COVID-19 emerged, The Border Consortium was in the process of introducing a nutritious food called BabyBRIGHT […]

Three 16-year-old Refugees Take Top Honors In CWS World Refugee Day Poster Contest

To mark World Refugee Day 2020 in a time of social distancing and movement restrictions, CWS organized a stay-at-home poster contest among the boys who live in group homes we support in Jakarta. Originally from Afghanistan, Asadi was awarded First Prize. He told the judges he was happy to have positive activity to help pass […]

CWS Is Working to Ensure the Wellbeing of Young Asylum Seekers and Refugees

In our urban refugee program in Jakarta, PURE+, CWS staff have acted together with group home residents to respond quickly to COVID-19 risks. There was deep cleaning in each of four homes to start. At the same time our security guards, who have a lot of responsibilities for the homes’ safety, were learning the facts […]

Farah’s Future

In 2010, 17-year-old Farah’s family home in Mogadishu was burned down while she and her family were still in it. Though severely burned over her whole body, Farah was the only survivor. For a long time, Farah was hospitalized. But finally, she felt able to take the long journey that she knew she must do […]

“I want to become an interpreter so I can help my community …”

In the Protecting Urban Refugees through Empowerment (PURE) project, young refugees can join vocational training classes to help prepare themselves for independence after they leave group living and CWS direct care and protection. One class offered now is designed to help students learn to be skilled interpreters for other refugees. Usually, refugees reach Indonesia without […]

Teaching Centered on Helping Young People Survive

In a project named PURE, CWS staff in Jakarta, Indonesia work together to protect urban refugees through empowerment. Protection starts with information-sharing and progresses in a number of ways – including vocational skills building. Of special importance to CWS for education and training programs are refugee youth transitioning to independent living as they reach age […]

Empowering Young Men for Transition from Group Home Living

As part of the Protecting Urban Refugees through Empowerment (PURE) project, CWS supports young refugees as they transition to adulthood and, as a result, leave group homes when they turn 18. PURE, as its full name implies, supports these youth to be empowered for independence with vocational and language training, plus info-sessions and skill-building sessions, […]

Settling in and Getting to Work for the Future

Roble (not his real name) was born in a small town about 25 kilometers from Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Roble’s family was part of a minority clan and, in a country where clan is more esteemed than nationality, Roble’s clan faced discrimination … and worse. For example, one day men from the area’s majority clan attacked […]

Artistic Talents Discovered and Nurtured Among Young Refugees in Jakarta

Mustafa (not his real name) was born the oldest of 6 children in a remote village in a Hazara ethnic village in Afghanistan. Because Hazara people are largely Shia Muslims and a minority in Afghanistan, they are under constant threat from those who identify as Taliban and follow Sunni Islam. One day some years ago, […]

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