Taking Stock of Disaster Management Success to Date

CWS Indonesia | August 17, 2017

Recently, SOLITARITAS was celebrated by project partners and beneficiaries during a visit with Disciples of Christ pastors and seminarians, who were joined by the CWS Indonesia Country Representative and the Asia Regional Coordinator, along with CWS Tanja Toraja team members. Photo: CWS

In July, a mid-term evaluation of the SOLIDARITAS project in South Sulawesi Province was done to assess CWS and local NGO partner, INANTA, success in helping the Pamgkung Batu become a disaster resilient village. “Initially the community did not have much knowledge about disaster preparedness and mitigation. [Even though they experience floods and landslides often.] Now, we have new knowledge and skills in disaster management for our village,” said Sampe Limbong, the head of the village for the past four years.

The evaluation was participatory with an emphasis on joint learning, and it included focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with community members and relevant government staff. “This evaluation is ideal to know the extent of the program achievement, especially in terms of improved knowledge and skills of the community in disaster management,” said Limbong. “We have developed a community action plan with activities designed to prevent or mitigate disasters, such as planting trees in landslide prone areas and creating safer schools by identifying hazards and developing evacuation plans. I will integrate these Disaster Risk Reduction activities in the village development planning soon,” he added.

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