Teaching Centered on Helping Young People Survive

CWS Indonesia | November 26, 2019

    Learning to sew. Photo: CWS

    In a project named PURE, CWS staff in Jakarta, Indonesia work together to protect urban refugees through empowerment. Protection starts with information-sharing and progresses in a number of ways – including vocational skills building. Of special importance to CWS for education and training programs are refugee youth transitioning to independent living as they reach age 18 and can no longer live in CWS-supported group homes.

    Info-sessions for young refugees and asylum seekers cover topics ranging from healthy lifestyles, including eating healthy food, exercising and avoiding drug misuse and abuse, plus basic sexual and reproductive health. Also, they learn about personal budgeting and wise spending of subsistence allowances, and cultural and legal awareness-raising, including knowledge of their refugee rights, their neighbors culture and expectations, and, separately of Indonesian law. All teaching is centered on helping young people learn how to live as healthy and happy as they can in difficult circumstances.

    In addition, vocational courses are taken by young people living in group homes. A few popular classes are Indonesian language, sewing and tailoring, and professional interpreting. The Indonesian language classes help everyone gain an essential skill for daily living in Indonesia, which most refugees will likely do for quite some time. The interpreter training and sewing/tailoring classes are hands-on and experiential, so they are practical, especially as a basic foundation for independent living outside a protected group home.

    CWS is grateful for donor and community partnerships that make preparation for dignified life in Jakarta possible for the young people in our care and protection. We are inspired by their hope and resilience every day.

    (For more information please contact mkoeniger@cwsglobal.org )

    Young refugees at an Jakarta cultural introduction. Photo: CWS

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