“Thank you for the well; it is very important to us!”

CWS Cambodia | October 23, 2018

Mr. Boris showing us the well and explain how it is important for them. Photo: CWS

School children showing their cleaned hand. Photo: CWS

Rural Development Association has been partnering with Ang Primary School since late 2016 to promote awareness about water, sanitation and hygiene; and, in 2017 supported school to add a well with water pump so students and teachers have clean water to help them have good hygiene and sanitation.

In telling the school’s story of change, School Director Thlang Boris mentioned that his 420 primary school students have just seven teachers; and, he said that before water was readily available, the school latrine was not used because it was impossible to keep the area sanitary without water. So, rather than concentrate the poor sanitation so close to the school, most students just went to a field nearby. So that area, a bit far away from the school, was filthy and dangerous – but at least is was not right on the school grounds.

Gratefully, the School Director noted when CWS staff spoke with him recently that things are completely changed now thanks to activities to promote better lives in rural Cambodia. And, one 12-year-old 5th grade girl, Channy, said this, “Now that we have water in the school compound we can use the latrine all the time. It was difficult before without water, so I sometimes didn’t want to come to school at all. Now we can clean our hand properly after using the toilet. And we can also wash our faces after playing, so we are not sitting in the class with sweaty bodies, which we all really appreciate. Thank you so much for the support for the education about improving our hygiene … and especially for the well, which is very important to help us have good hygiene now that we better understand its importance to our health.”

CWS works every day in more than 50 villages in northern and western Cambodia to share information about the importance of good personal, household and community hygiene. We are especially proud to partner with families and schools to help people gain access to safe water, so they can improve their behaviors for improved wellbeing.

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