The 2018 Edition of The Sphere Handbook is Introduced in Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | March 18, 2019

Dung and Ty are giving presentation after the group discussion (Sphere standards workshop, Hanoi-Vietnam). Photo: CWS

March 11th to 13th the CWS Vietnam team in proud and energized in joining a Sphere standards workshop that they took the lead in organizing for the humanitarian response community in Vietnam. In considering the week, CWS Emergency Response Focal Point, Mai Thi Quynh Giao shares these thoughts, “The gathering to update ourselves on the 2018 edition of the Sphere handbook is well under way in Hanoi, and all participants are especially glad that we are using our national language for all workshop sessions. Using Vietnamese makes the workshop more useful to most of us, especially our colleagues who have not heard much about or used the Sphere standards before.

Every day people are saying how thankful they are that CWS organized the workshop. Some meeting attendees have worked for development project and humanitarian aid for 10 years or more; but, they have not had a chance to know or understand the Sphere standards well. For other colleagues this is the first time they have focused closely on reading and understanding the Sphere guidelines, key activities and indicators – all of which are complicated. Others, who knew about Sphere standards from a 2012 workshop, are saying that this week is more helpful because the facilitators and trainers are using participatory teaching methods. They are having us share our experiences and expertise; we are brainstorming together, looking at case studies and discussing videos that we are watching together. It is great to see so many people being so active and involved.”

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