Today I have 11 eggs!

CWS Vietnam | February 3, 2021

    Thao and the incubator. Photo: CWS

    Cam Thi Thao is a Thai woman from Doi 9 village in remote Phuc Than commune in northern Vietnam. For their daily sustenance, Thao’s five-member family relies on her husband’s family land to grow rice. But the yield is not enough to support the family, which includes two growing children and Thao’s mother-in-law. To feed her family as best she can, Thao also raises chickens and ducks. So, when she heard about a new CWS-organized project that could help her family, she joined an info-sharing session about chicken-raising led by Vui, who heads the Doi 9 Women’s Union and had earlier joined a CWS-led workshop about best practice poultry-raising.

    Having raised chickens for some time, Thao found the new ideas and methods introduced by Vui potentially useful. So, she decided to join the group to raise project-supplied chickens. “The first hens shared with us in early June have already laid several 12-15 egg clutches. I used about 10 dozen eggs for our meals and to sell for 5,000 Dong (20 cents) each to buy other foods”. I left 20 eggs for hatching, but just a few chicks hatched.”

    After her own unsuccessful hatching experience, Thao joined information session about using incubators to hatch eggs, which was a revelation for everyone. When her group received an incubator, Thao volunteered to keep it at her home. Showing her visitors the incubator, Thao said: “We placed 54 eggs for this hatching time. I scan them every day. So far, all but one egg are doing well. It’s now the 16th day, so the chicks will come in 5 days. I can now manage the incubator well and can tell others, too. It’s good as we can produce more chicks at a time while the hens can rest and produce more eggs”.

    Walking together with her to a local market, Thao happily added this about her successes in raising her hens for egg, “My hens lay at least three eggs a day. As there is a small market nearby, I usually go there in late afternoon with the eggs laid in the morning. Today I have 11 eggs to sell so I can buy other kinds of food that are good for my children.”

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