UN OCHA Situation Report #3 on the Earthquake in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on 5th August 2018

Indonesia | August 10, 2018

1. The latest figures were issued by BNPB late this afternoon (9 August), and showed 270,168 people displaced and 1,033 people seriously injured. Displaced people are spread across 121 evacuation centres across North Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok and Mataram City. The number of recorded deaths has reached 259 people. The earthquake has also damaged 64,534 houses and 458 schools as well as a number of public facilities such as hospitals, mosques, and health clinics.

2. BNPB reported that there are a number of different data on the death toll and emphasized that the official data are those from BNPB and BPBD West Nusa Tenggara. BNPB emphasized that during the initial and necessarily confusing period of emergency response, differences of data are common. BNPB is working with ministries/institutions and local government to synchronize the data. BNPB Command Post and Emergency Operations Centre (EOC or Pusdalops) BPBD West Nusa Tenggara are still verifying the data.

3. BMKG reported a total of 362 aftershocks until 9 August at 13:05 hrs among which were 18 significant earthquakes. The last large aftershock recorded was of 6.2 M with the epicentre at 16 kilometres deep and 13 km northeast of Mataram City. People are encouraged to remain calm in the face of ongoing shocks.

4. In consultations with BNPB today clarity was provided on the Government’s position on receipt of international assistance. As noted yesterday BNPB encourages stakeholders both from local NGOs and community organizations not to invite their international partners for emergency response in Lombok, but has no objection to assistance and financial contributions being channelled through the Indonesian Red Cross Society, national NGOs and civil society organisations.

5. The Call Centre for the Command Post for Emergency Response for the Lombok earthquake can be reached at tel: +6281240070798.

6. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) informed that the contact persons for consular related issues are:
• Jakarta: Bapak Erie Nur Bawono, +6287776662309
• Lombok: Mr. Zaenal Abidinm, +6282111443479

7. Coordination:
• There is a daily Command Post Coordination Meeting in Madayin Village, East Lombok, at 16:00 Central Indonesia Time (WITA) (15:00 WIB). The contact person is Bapak Eddy Purba, BNPB, at+6281219345275. As earlier reported BNPB has opened facilitation posts to assist in the delivery of assistance in Mataram City, East Lombok, West Lombok and North Lombok districts.
• The daily coordination meeting of the Provincial Health Cluster is held at 08:00 WITA at the Office of Health Office to be followed by sub-clusters (task forces or Pokja) coordination meetings, with the following contact persons:
• Pokja Health Services: Ibu Rohmi, +62819 1726 6566
• Pokja Medical Supplies and Logistics: IBu Fahmi, +62 877 6555 0652
• Pokja Environmental Health: Bapak Oka Wiguna, +62812144447981
• Pokja Hospital: Bapak Kertayasa, +6281907161818
• Pokja Data and Information: Ibu Irna, +62817864624986
• Pokja Mental Health: Bapak Zainul, +628123785657
• Surveillance Team: Ibu Rabiatul, +6281339596586
• Today’s coordination meeting for volunteers was postponed and will be held on 10 August at 09:00 WITA at the National Facilitation Post (Pospenas) at the office of the head of North Lombok District. This will be followed by a National Displacement and Protection Cluster Meeting in the same location.
• At the national level, the Displacement and Protection Cluster will have its third coordination meeting on 10 August, at 14:00 hrs, at UNICEF’s Jakarta Office. Those who would like to join by Skype should contact Ms. Idha Kurniasih, (Tel: +6281314303639). For field level coordination and information exchange, a WhatsApp Group is already set up and is being used. Humanitarian agencies can join this group by clicking this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/5OF7R45rNEGJwpaWHD9tS9.

8. Contact persons in Lombok and Bali from whom further information on the response operation and related coordination arrangements can be obtained are as follows:

• BNPB Lead-Deployed in Lombok-Bapak Wisnu Widjaja, Deputy for Prevention and Preparedness +628129293223
• BNPB Deployed to Lombok-Bapak Raditya Jati, Director for Preparedness +62818750171
• Pusdalops (Emergency Operations Centre)-BPBD West Sumbawa District-Bapak Wawan +6281915922330
• TRC (Emergency Response Team)-North Lombok District-Bapak Sauki +6285319329440
• TRC BNPB in East Lombok-East Lombok District-Bapak Eddy Purba +6281219345275
• Pusdalops BPBD-Mataram City-Bapak Agus +6289620455712
• BPBD Office-North Lombok District-Bapak Iwan +6281907112244
• Pusdalops BPBD-Badung Disctrict, Bali-Bapak Bagus Surya +628113894000
• Tourist Crisis Centre Team-Dessy Ruhati, Deputy Director for Tourism Crisis Management +62 81221702739; dessyregar@yahoo.co.id
• Ministry of Social Affairs-Deployed in Lombok-Bapak Margowiyono, Director for Social Protection of Natural Disaster Affected People +6281386191165
• Ministry of Social Affairs-Deployed in Lombok-Bapak Iyan Kusmadiana +6281931458272

9. BNPB and BPBD will provide regular updates on the emergency response operation as well as emerging needs. Further information can be found at the BNPB website: www.bnpb.go.id/berita . Additional updates can be found by following BNPB’s spokesperson’s twitter account https://twitter.com/Sutopo_PN . The AHA Centre is also providing flash updates, which can be found here: https://ahacentre.org/flash-updates/ . The AHA Centre’s Lombok Earthquake Situation Update No. 3 will be issued later today.

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