Vietnam’s New IDEA Project Evaluation Is Underway

CWS Vietnam | October 27, 2019

    Meeting with students in Ta Mung school. Photo: CWS

    Since 2015, and continuing now, the CWS team in Vietnam is coordinating with partners to implement New Integrated Development and Essential Action (New IDEA) with ethnic minority communities in Vietnam. It is a community-driven development effort for information-sharing and teaching-learning for knowledge growth and skills development. Key participants are community members who, in turn, raise awareness and mobilize their communities for positive change. Focus is mainly on home and community hygiene and sanitation; school improvements for environmental safety, hygiene and sanitation plus student-centered learning in classrooms and through libraries and extracurriculars. Patient-centered health care in clinics and safe check-up environments are a third focus. New IDEA, and the retrospective, four-year evaluation, is generously funded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which has been a strong partner in tracking progress for the past four years.

    While the overall purpose of the evaluation is for learning and accountability, it also aims specifically to reporting to ELCA about achievements and impacts between 2015 and 2019; summarize documented lessons learned and proven best practices / models to share Vietnam’s learning with other CWS country teams and other non-government and government organizations; and, to identify gaps in current programming and identify areas for improvement and material and technical investments.

    The evaluation, which is led by Dr. “People’s Educator” Pham Thanh Hai and his experienced team is ongoing now. So far, surveys have been done with adult villagers and village leaders; students, their teachers and partner education officials; health workers; Women’s Union members, and Communes and District leaders. Conversations and surveys are asking for experiences with and opinions about project results and impacts. Qualitative and quantitative info-data is from secondary sources as well. Preliminary findings and results will be shared with community members and leaders in follow-up workshops to get additional input and feedback before the evaluation is finalized and shared.

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    Meeting in Pa Thang village. Photo: CWS

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