Vocational Training Opportunities Offered for Women in Myanmar

CWS Myanmar | January 20, 2020

    The sewing class in Myanmar. Photo: CWS

    CWS and the YMCA of Maubin Township in Myanmar recently launched a vocational education and training pilot for 20 women who will learn how to sew over the course of eight weeks with 270 hours in the workshop. Already during their first week, students reviewed manual sewing machine parts: switches, levers, pedals, etc. to learn proper machine use. In the weeks to come, they will learn how to sew with basic stitching to make blouses with sleeves and buttons; they will learn proper hemming techniques, too. They will use their new skills to sew skirts and children’s clothing. too. Everyone will learn with the guidance of experienced seamstresses. After completing their 8-week course, the women will return to their villages where they will be able to set up home-based businesses for mending, altering and making new clothes.

    This pilot marks the beginning of a new partnerships between the Myanmar YMCA and CWS in expanding income earning opportunities for the adults and teenagers with whom we work. Other new opportunities will be explored and offered based on the expressed needs and choices of those who will participate. In this way, people end up with new skills and knowledge according to their aspirations and abilities as well as their awareness of what the needs and markets are for new businesses.

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