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    Benedicta Mone holds her 15 month old daugther, Indriyani, while CWS nurse, Agnes Eva Liunokas (right), feed her a special milk formula outside the Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC). The TFC treats malnourished children in the rural Timor Tengah Selatan District of West Timor, Indonesia. Operated out of the local hospital, CWS nurses provide care around the clock: administering medicine, establishing frequent feeding schedules and education for the parents to prepare nutritious food once back at home.

    Benedicta Mone holds her 15 month old daugther, Indriyani, while CWS nurse, Agnes Eva Liunokas (right), feed her a special milk formula outside the Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC). The TFC treats malnourished children in the rural Timor Tengah Selatan District of West Timor, Indonesia. Operated out of the local hospital, CWS nurses provide care around the clock: administering medicine, establishing frequent feeding schedules and education for the parents to prepare nutritious food once back at home. Photo: CWS

    Breast feeding time in Myanmar. Photo: CWS

    Lin Lae Cho girl is one of TB patients that CWS support in Myanmar. Photo: CWS

    Many vulnerable people in Asia – especially women and children – face difficulty in accessing basic health services. This is often due to the lack of hospitals, health personnel and essential medicine.

    CWS mobilizes its resources to provide life-saving interventions in response to the health needs of high-risk communities. Primary health care efforts support families affected by disasters – including refugees, internally displaced persons, host communities and returnees. Prevention and awareness are central to saving lives, combating diseases and preventing major outbreaks and epidemics.

    In addition, we believe that by responding to the health needs of disaster-affected communities, families are better able to address their other needs and rights – including education. Education builds the capacity of children, youth and adults to fully understand their rights and opportunities.

    Countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Vietnam

    Latest News

    Ending Breastfeeding Myths: One Key Change for Babies’ Better Health

    CWS Myanmar | October 16, 2017

    U Ko Ko Naing and Daw Win Win Htay who have an 8-year-old and 6-month-old son. U Ko Ko Naing is a fisherman and a vegetable famer as the seasons allow, and Daw Win Winn Htay is a homemaker. Between fishing, which earns the family about $50 month during spring and summer, and selling vegetables, […]

    For Family and Community Together

    CWS Cambodia |

    Ngin Chanrith, who is 50, lives with her husband Bun Heang in Anglong Thma village in central Cambodia near their two sons and two daughters, who have families of their own. Heang is the village Chief while Chanrith drives a motorcycle taxi to earn about $5 a day to supplement their income. To help her […]

    CWS Continues Support to Myanmar TB Patients Following 2016 Floods

    CWS Myanmar | September 13, 2017

    Among the many risks children face in Myanmar, tuberculosis is one that develops slowly and often unnoticed by parents and teachers. Fortunately for seven-year-old first grader, Lin Lae Cho is seven, who lives in a village in the far southwest of the Ayeyarwaddy River delta, her TB was detected when her parents started to notice […]

    Steady Progress In Nutrition Programs for Myanmar Families

    CWS Myanmar | September 5, 2017

    Nutrition specialist and long-time CWS colleague, Julia Suryantan, visited the CWS team in Myanmar recently to help review progress to date, and advise on improvements for best practice implementation, for nutrition activities in 15 Maubin Township villages in the Ayeyarwaddy region in the country’s Southwest. Julie visited five communities and met with secular and religious […]

    CWS Support for TB Patients Pays Off

    CWS Myanmar | June 13, 2017

    Cherry Oo is 22 and lives in Pathein Township in the Ayeyarwaddy River delta region of Southwest Myanmar with her family. Her father and mother are both daily wage laborers, and she has one younger sister, Cherry was also a wage worker earning about $2 a day before she was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2016. […]

    “These Children Need Very Special Care”

    CWS Indonesia | April 8, 2017

    The Community Health Center (Puskesmas) in Oekam village, West Timor, in the only clinic for people from 10 villages in Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) district, and Vera Kuli has been working there for the past six years. Part of her role is monitoring children’s nutritional status in all 10 villages; and, in this role, she […]

    It’s Never Too Late To Learn: Building a Better Future For Our Children

    CWS Myanmar | April 7, 2017

    Nang Aye Khaing (Ma Nang) is 38 and lives in Auk Htone village in Southwest Myanmar with her husband U Aung Min and three children: a daughter, 17, and two sons, 11 and 5. The family runs a small grocery store and basket weaving business from their home which, alarmingly, has lost six acres of […]

    Nutrition Project Helps Home Gardening in Myanmar

    CWS Myanmar | March 20, 2017

    Ma Nge is 34-year-old woman who lives in Bar Ma Nee village in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady Region. She is married and with her husband, Mg Nge , who is 40 years old, has two children: Hnin Wai Phyo is 9 and is in Grade 3 at the village school; Phyo Wai Yan is 3 and stays […]

    Persistence Is the Key for a Vietnam Village Health Worker

    CWS Vietnam | March 19, 2017

    Chang Le Hu, 33, is an ethnic Ha Nhi health worker in Ta Phu village on Vietnam’s remote northern border with China. Recently, he told CWS staff about his amazing first experience of delivering a baby! “I still remember the 30-year-old pregnant woman, Ly Phi Pu, and the fact that it was her first delivery. […]

    If at first you don’t succeed …

    CWS Indonesia | February 24, 2017

    When 14 farmers from Fetomone village established their Farmer Group in March 2016, members agreed that they would cultivate corn together on a new plot of land. But because of some mistakes about the land’s arability and, especially, the lack of proper attention to the plot from group members, things did not go as planned […]

    A Young Myanmar Family with A Brighter Future: A New Opportunity Starts to Pay Off

    CWS Myanmar | February 23, 2017

    CWS Japan Partnership Helps Myint Myint Kyi, who is known as Ma Kyi, is 22 years old and lives in Inn Tae Su village in Maubin Township of Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady Region. She is married and, with her husband, Ye Lay, who is 31 years old, she has two boys: Zin Myo Oo is 5 years […]

    Mushroom Growing At Home Helps a Family Improve Its Life

    CWS Cambodia | February 22, 2017

    Ms. Kem Sopheap, who is 31, lives in Tmat Paeuy village in northern Cambodia with her husband Khourn Chanthan, who is 35 and a farmer, and their three children, ages 9 to 16, who are all fortunate to be able to go to school. Recently, Sopheap joined a CWS-hosted educational session about vegetable and mushroom […]

    A Government Ag Extension Worker Expands His Own Knowledge to Help Others

    CWS Indonesia | January 15, 2017

    Benjamin Rao is an Ag Extension Instructor in Noebeba sub-district in West Timor – an area that is highly food insecure, partly because of limited access to water. Mr. Rao has been living on Oebaki village with his wife and children for just over a decade and, in recent years, he has been involved in […]

    Learning the Health Benefits of Locally Available Foods Helps One Mother Feed Her Children Better

    CWS Vietnam | January 13, 2017

    Chu A Xa is a 30-year-old mother of two small children who, like many La Hu women in the far northwest region of Vietnam, feeds her family everyday with rice, maize and some pork. This diet is followed despite the fact that the fully grown pumpkins, which are plentiful, are highly nutritious and could be […]

    Working For Better Nutrition Among Young Children in Myanmar

    CWS | January 3, 2017

    It is morning on the Ayeyarwady River. Today our team is traveling to two communities in Myanmar, or Burma, that participate in a CWS program to improve the nutrition of young children. The program is now in five villages and will expand soon to an additional five. Because of perennial flooding, these villages are only […]

    Peer-to-Peer Sharing Helps Women Learn More About Good Nutrition

    CWS Cambodia | December 28, 2016

    Ms. Pha Phearun, who is 45, is the village chief of Kouk Sralau, Preah Vihear Province in northern Cambodia. She lives with her husband, who is a rice farmer, and their three children who are between 13 and 26 years old. The oldest child, a son, is disabled; the older daughter is married and helps […]

    CWS Helps Mothers and Caregivers Understand Young Child Nutrition Better

    CWS Myanmar | December 7, 2016

    The 37% prevalence of stunting (low height-for-age) children is alarmingly high in Myanmar’s southwest Ayeyarwady Region, and it is caused by chronic malnutrition that can have irreversible damage on brain as well as physical development. To help address this threat, CWS has been helping mothers and caregivers of < 5 children increase their knowledge and […]

    A Cambodian ‘Model Mom’ Helps Her Neighbors

    CWS Cambodia | November 14, 2016

    Twenty-eight-year-old Dim Sang is a Village Development Committee member who lives with her husband Kong Sambath and their seven month old daughter in Choam Ksant village of Preah Vihear province in northern Cambodia. Sang is also considered to be a model mother in her village following her education and training about maternal and child health […]

    Facing the Risk of Recurring TB in Myanmar with Health Foods and Vitamins

    CWS Myanmar | November 12, 2016

    Daw Hla Aye is 66 years old and lives with her 70 year-old husband in southwest Myanmar. Their seven adult children support them financially – but with just barely enough for their basic living expenses. When CWS staff met Daw Hla Aye during flood relief activities last year, they learned that she was having a […]

    Winter melon help improving family’s nutrition

    CWS Cambodia | October 18, 2016

    In 2015, Chhundy joined an educational workshop led by a CWS team member. She learned how to grow different, more nutritious vegetables, like sponge gourd, broccoli and winter melon. Chhundy chose to grow winter melon, which is more affordable to grow and easier to sell than other vegetables. Winter melon is loaded with nutritious vitamins […]

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