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Chhundy (Cambodia) with her winter melon. Photo: CWS


Oyster mushrooms in Cambodia program. Photo: CWS

Chheu Teal Korng village:.Remarkable how much CWS has accomplished here in less than a.year, because they are working with such a willing and committed local committee. CWS is also supporting micro loans and training for fish, produce and.mushroom farming.

Chheu Teal Korng village:.Remarkable how much CWS has accomplished here in less than a.year, because they are working with such a willing and committed local committee. CWS is also supporting micro loans and training for fish, produce and.mushroom farming. Photo: CWS

CWS believes in the ability of communities to work together to realize local development and sustainable livelihoods. By combining the right resources and knowledge with intentional grassroots ownership, we empower communities to decide their own futures and create more choices for themselves and their children.

The long-term sustainability of projects rests with the people – and especially with women. Therefore, livelihood projects are designed and implemented with as much focus on participatory training and empowerment as on distributions and tools. CWS aims to help communities tap into the resources they already have and build upon the knowledge and capacities that already exist.

Countries: Cambodia and Indonesia

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Solidarity for Savings and Success

CWS Cambodia | October 18, 2017

In northern Cambodian, where CWS team members support our Promoting Better Lives project, a group of women have been meeting monthly for several years now to review and discuss their shared savings through Robonh Samaki, or Robonh (village) Solidarity, which is one of 49 similar groups that CWS supports. And, when families in the village […]

One Small Part of the “Zero Hunger” Equation

CWS Indonesia | October 16, 2017

Abdonia Liufeto is a young farmer in Saenam village in West Timor; she and her husband, Absadon Tefa have a daughter, Anisa, who is almost two years old. Saenam, like villages in this remote part of eastern Indonesia, is perennial prone to polar opposite natural disasters: drought and floods. And, access to clean water is […]

Water Matters

CWS Indonesia | September 13, 2017

The 30 families in Eonfetnai hamlet in West Timor, Indonesia live, like many other villagers in the area, is a drought prone area. Until 2013, the hamlet had only one water source – an unprotected spring that, when it filled up, was contaminated by dirt, falling leaves and animal droppings. In the dry season, there […]

Partners for Life and Better Living

CWS Cambodia | August 18, 2017

Hong Khoeun, age 55, and her husband Sim Kheang, age 60, live in Kam Prak village in northern Cambodia. They have a daughter Chrang in Grade 7 at a secondary school in a village that is about 20 kilometers from them, where she lives in a dormitory during the school week. In 2012, CWS began […]

Vegetable Variety for Better Wellbeing and Stronger Livelihoods in West Timor

CWS Indonesia | August 1, 2017

Marselina Toa Uran and Paulus Baifeto are farmers in Noemuke in West Timor. Like countless villages across the region, Noemuke is prone to drought and, as a result, high has levels of food insecurity – meaning extended time periods when the family does not have enough food, never mind nutritious food, to eat. This is […]

I never expected this opportunity in my life … to have skills and … choices

CWS Cambodia | June 13, 2017

Choeun Seam and his wife Ra Aei are both thirty something, and their sons are 3- and 8-years old. Now the family lives in Rung village in central Cambodia but, before, when Choeun worked as a daily wage laborer they moved around to different communities to find work to earn a subsistence living. In addition […]

A Farmer Group Plans For Expansion Using Collective Savings

CWS Indonesia | June 12, 2017

Daniel Liunokas heads the year-old, 14-member Fetomone farmers group in Enonabuasa village in West Timor, Indonesia. The group formed itself as part of the Timor Zero Hunger initiative, which CWS supports to help subsistence farm families on remote southwest Timor island have more, and more nutritious, food and better lives in general. “With support from […]

Promoting Better Lives in Rural Cambodia: Better Lives Indeed for Touch and His Family

CWS Cambodia |

Touch Oeun, 41, lives with his wife Kun Pich, 37, and their 9-year-old son in Rung Chrey village in western Cambodia. Also staying with the family are the 3- and 7-year-old daughters of Touch’s niece because she has migrated to the Thai border for work. The two older children go to the local school. The […]

Progressing from Surviving to Thriving with CWS Support

CWS Cambodia | May 15, 2017

Mr. Khan Sokhem is 42 years old and lives with his wife, Khun Chnnim, who is 37, and their four daughters, in Choam Ksant village, northern Cambodia. Three of the girls, who are 15, 13 and 7 attend school, while their 2-year-old sister is at home. Before becoming involved with CWS, Sokhem and his family […]

Another West Timor Family Moves To a Healthier Diet and Toward a Better Life

CWS Indonesia | May 13, 2017

Orance Nenoliu lives with her husband Yakobus Tualaka and their two children in Saenam village, West Timor. With support from CWS, 33-year-old Orance is learning about home gardening and raising chickens so she and her family have more food and a more diverse diet for better health. Along with others in her village, Orance has […]

Confidence and Others’ Trust Put Tun In the Running

CWS Cambodia | April 10, 2017

Mrs. Loeng Tun, who is 32, lives with her husband Eam Ae, 37, who is a rice farmer and their 6-year-old daughter in Kampong Pon village in central Cambodia. Since 2014 Tun has joined in CWS community development activities, including a saving group, community health promotion activities and mushroom and vegetable growing; and she has […]

Doing Better, with CWS Support, the Second Time Around

CWS Cambodia | April 6, 2017

Loy Koemsat is 40 years old and lives with his wife, Yong Chem, and two daughters in Kouk Kduoch village in northwest Cambodia. Koemsat earns about $5 a day as a laborer and from selling insects, such crickets and grasshoppers, which he collects in the forest. Wanting to improve his family’s life, and to learn […]

Cambodian Self-Help Groups Remain Strong After CWS Active Support Ends

CWS Cambodia | March 17, 2017

Ms. Koeun Leang, who is 28, lives in Sen Rung Roeung village in northern Cambodia with her husband, Chhin Tab, who is 29 and a farmer who also works as a wage laborer. They have three children ages four to nine, and the two older ones attend the village school. Leang is a Village Health […]

Lyka Expands His Business with CWS Technical Support

CWS Cambodia | December 2, 2016

Young Lykha, 33, lives with his wife and child in Sra Aem Khang Chheung village in Preah Vihear province, northern Cambodia. Lykha earns a small income by rice farming and raising pigs with his family. When he was selected to be a Village Livestock Agent in 2005, Lykha gained knowledge and skills about best practice […]

Wise Planning Extends CWS Partnership For the Tefu Family in West Timor

CWS Indonesia | November 14, 2016

Simri Tefu and his wife Yetri are in their early twenties, and their son, Bento, is three. They live in Enonabuasa village on the western side of Timor island. Most families in this remote and impoverished village, which is at the farthest end of the Indonesian archipelago, are subsistence farmers. Many young children here suffer […]

Rice banks: ending hunger many grains at a time!

CWS Cambodia | November 8, 2016

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a poor farmer in rural Cambodia. You and your husband or wife are trying to make ends meet and take care of your young children. There are only 65 or so families in your community. Most are in the same situation you are – trying to get by […]

Seeds, tools, training and initiative: a recipe for success!

CWS Cambodia | October 11, 2016

Chann Sim, who is 61, lives with his wife Ek Mon, who is 55, and their three children in Choam Ksant village in northern Cambodia. Sim owns one-third acre of land for the family’s house and home gardening and another 2.5 acres where Sim plans rice once each year, which is all that’s possible because […]

CWS support micro-business management group

CWS Cambodia | September 9, 2016

Seang Thearith is 24 and lives with his wife, Phat Sokha, and their two children in Tmat Paeuy village in northern Cambodia. When Thearith was introduced to CWS along with other people in Tmat Paeuy, he was encouraged to join the micro-business management group while Sokha joined the savings group. As part of CWS integrated […]

Home-based fish, chicken-raising and diversified gardening

CWS Cambodia | August 9, 2016

Ms. Khem Yoeun is a 61 -year-old widow with two teenage children who lives in Robonh village in northern Cambodia. When Yoeun was introduced to CWS as someone who could improve her life with our support, she was encouraged to join others from her village to learn about home-based fish- and chicken-raising and diversified gardening. […]

Collecting local seeds for reuse

CWS Cambodia | May 22, 2016

Recently, a dozen farmers in Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear provinces in central and northern Cambodia joined a four-day CWS-hosted workshop about climate resilient agriculture linked to markets, where they learned new techniques for growing organic vegetables, making organic fertilizer and pesticides, and identifying markets to help determine best selling prices. In group discussions participants […]

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