Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Washing our hands is a critical part of basic hygiene. It helps stop the spread of germs and diseases, from diarrhea to coronavirus. For many years, CWS has supported families worldwide as they access clean water and learn about how washing hands helps keep us all healthy. Photo: CWS

Quan Chu primary students (in Vietnam) now practice good behaviors thanks for a new toilet built by CWS. Photo: CWS

Farida and Anizar (In Indonesia) at their close-to-home latrines. Photo: CWS

Increased water, sanitation and hygiene support not only improves the overall health of a community, but can also create dramatic improvements in areas like education, livelihoods, and food security.

With the task of retrieving water falling mostly to women and children, the often extreme distance and queues for water significantly impacts every aspect of family life. In particularly vulnerable environments the cost of neglecting these necessities can create a larger price in the lives of community members who struggle with ongoing hardships.


In Cambodia, you’re helping communities construct concrete ring wells so families can access safe water for home use, including bathing! Clean, safe water. Smiling families. A job well done. Photo: CWS

Pay Kone School Students Using Latrine (in Myanmar). Photo: CWS

In addition to safe water, the provision of sanitation and the transfer of hygiene knowledge is often equally critical when responding to disasters or fostering healthier communities.

Countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Vietnam

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