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CCT Child Safeguarding team with Leslie Wilson, CWS Asia Regional Director. Photo: CWS


Refugee children in a camp along the Thailand-Myanmar border. Photo: Leslie Wilson / CWS


In Thailand, CWS partners with the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) in two key ways. Our child protection initiative helps children and teens understand how to ensure safety at school, in the community and online. We also engage adult duty bearers in ensuring child safety and care in all CCT institutions: schools, churches and hospitals. Historically, in times of disaster, such as the 2011 floods that devastated much of Thailand, CWS works with the CCT and its affiliates.

Our CWS Asia regional office, based in Bangkok, works in collaboration with a range of key global, regional and local partners, to provide support to some of the most vulnerable communities, both in emergency situations and for longer-term development. We work to enhance their ability to safeguard themselves from a range of threats and to prepare for future challenges. This office serves as a coordination point of contact for CWS country offices and implementing partners in the region, as well as a hub for regional meetings, trainings and workshops.

Latest News

Rethinking Rations for Refugees Along the Thailand-Myanmar Border

CWS Thailand | March 29, 2019

Sher Ka Myee’s shop looks like many grocery shops or convenience stores around the world. She sells lots of different foods, including eggs, oil, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and several types of rice. She sells bottled water and other drinks, as well household items like shampoo and soap. She has owned this shop for a […]

CWS Child Protection Officers in Thailand Have Earned Their Master’s Degrees

CWS Thailand | October 9, 2018

The CWS Thailand team recently feted Child Protection Officer, Ponsawan (Cake) Lysoowan for earning her Master’s degree in Psychology at Thailand’s prestigious Mahidol University. She joins our other Child Protection Officer, Suchawalee (Bon) Mankhong, whose graduation was celebrated some months ago. Both young women support The Church of Christ in Thailand’s congregations, schools and hospitals […]

CWS Helps Celebrate the Start of a New Kwai River Christian Hospital in Thailand

CWS Thailand | July 2, 2018

On Friday afternoon, June 29th, a host of Church of Christ in Thailand leaders, Royal Thai Government local officials, university representatives, local Church pastors and members came together to bless the cornerstone for a new, state of the art Kwai River Christian Hospital in Sangkhlaburi town of Kanchanaburi province in west-central Thailand. Church World Service […]

Getting Ready: Child Safeguarding School Network Conference to Be Held in Bangkok

CWS Thailand | June 20, 2018

In Thailand the CWS child safeguarding team is working to support The Church of Christ in Thailand as it mobilizes its communities – schools, orphanages, churches and hospitals – to understand and embraces its 2016 Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct. Recently, the team surveyed young students about their feelings safety and, more broadly, their happiness […]

CWS Associate Director for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Working With CCT Bangkok-Based Team

CWS Thailand | May 21, 2018

Recently, CWS Associate Director for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Beth Frank, met with the Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct leadership team from The Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) to review indicators for verifying progress in scaling up proper use of the Code of Conduct, which Church leadership affirmed in 2016 for roll-out countrywide in […]

Children Are Key to a Healthy Thai Church

CWS Thailand | April 16, 2018

Speaking to hundreds of Church of Christ in Thailand pastors about “how to grow a healthy church”, General Secretary Elder Surapong Mitrakul chose to highlight the importance of children by focusing on some who attend Church-sponsored schools. The CWS-supported Child Safeguarding Team was gratified to see that the General Secretary used information and data they […]

Highlights/Key Accomplishments For The Year 2017

CWS Thailand | February 20, 2018

CWS support to The Church of Christ in Thailand resulted in significant new activities and successes in sharing the officially adopted Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct (2016) to churches, schools and hospitals in west-central and northern Thailand as well as Bangkok. Two new Child Safeguarding Program Officers were hired for secondment to The Church, and […]

CWS Hosted a Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding Information-Sharing Session

CWS Thailand | November 8, 2017

Recently, the CWS Thailand child protection project team, who work with The Church of Christ in Thailand, hosted a Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding information-sharing session for four new volunteer teachers from Nagaland. Since the young women will be teaching in schools that follow the Church’s child safeguarding policy, CWS team members Suchawalee (Bon, […]

Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct In Karen Language Is Issued by CCT and CWS

CWS Thailand | October 17, 2017

Recently, CWS colleagues Suchawalee (Bon) Mankhong and Ponsawan (Cake) Lysoowan, who are seconded to work with the Office of Child Protection at The Church of Christ in Thailand, traveled to west-central Thailand to lead an information-sharing session about the CCT Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct. Since many church members in the six Thai provinces whose […]

Momentum Grows for The Church of Christ in Thailand’s Child Safeguarding Initiative

CWS Thailand | June 13, 2017

Now that The Church of Christ in Thailand has finalized its Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct, CWS is supporting a follow-on initiative for three child safeguarding specialists to reach out to communities within the Church – schools, hospitals and congregations – to review and understand the details of the Code of Conduct. Altogether, the Church […]

Hope, resilience and innovation on the Thailand-Myanmar border

Leslie Wilson | November 7, 2016

For more than 20 years, hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from Myanmar (Burma) have lived inside Thailand along the Thai-Myanmar border – next to their country yet far from their homes . Last week, I visited one refugee camp that is home to about 6,000 people, mainly from the Karen ethnic group, who live […]

New Kwai River Christian Hospital will be built

Thailand | October 18, 2016

In Thailand, our staff are partnering with The Church of Christ in Thailand to prepare to build a new Kwai River Christian Hospital. The original clinic dates to the 1960s and served patients from among highly vulnerable people living in near the Thai-Myanmar border. Most patients are displaced and undocumented ethnic minorities from Myanmar, and […]

Finalizing the Church’s child protection code of conduct

Thailand | August 6, 2016

Leaders from The Church of Christ in Thailand, a key partner of CWS in Asia, are finalizing the Church’s child protection code of conduct in partnership with key university and government advisors. The code’s formal adoption by Church leaders is on track for later this year.

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