Leslie (left), CWS Asia Regional Director, visiting a project site in Timor Leste. Photo: CWS

Filomena dos Santos and her daughter. With the support from CWS project, Filomena and her family have learned how to raise chickens in a coop,. Photo: CWS

Community members line up to receive their daily water rations (in Timor-Leste). Photo: CWS

Overview |

The focus of CWS work in Timor-Leste is a cross-border initiative with West Timor, Indonesia: Timor Zero Hunger. The project is designed to address the complex problem of food security on Timor island, which comprises both countries. Timor Zero Hunger uses a multi-sector approach to dietary balance, with a priority focus on young children.

Based on known best practices, the initiative, which is funded by CWS members and CROP Hunger Walks, integrates agriculture and livelihoods improvements with water and sanitation improvements. Timor Zero Hunger is designed to contribute to achieving United Nations Zero Hunger Challenge in Timor-Leste and the collective goals of the 1,000 Days partnership. While Timor-Leste is very far away from reaching these goals, and its Sustainable Development Goals related to poverty, hunger and malnutrition, CWS is committed to continuing our long-standing partnership with the Timorese government and people.

Latest News

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