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Quan Chu primary students now practice good behaviors thanks for a new toilet built by CWS. Photo: CWS

Children receiving the balls from CWS. Photo: CWS


Nguyen Van Ty, the WASH program officer, introducing about household latrine models. Photo: CWS

Church World Service has been active in Vietnam since 1954. Our programs focus on education, healthcare, water and sanitation, awareness raising and emergency preparedness. We engage community leadership, including healthcare workers and teachers, to promote the rights of children and to raise awareness about important issues like preventing trafficking, proper hand-washing and responsible water use. Our team also helps support infrastructure improvements, including connecting schools to clean water and better sanitation and helping families build household latrines.

Latest News

Young Parents Learn Together About How to Care Better for Their Infant Son’s Health

CWS Vietnam | November 18, 2017

Born in 1997, Khang A Su, like many other Mong men, married quite early. He is just 20 and his wife, Vu Thi Ve, is evening younger by two years. They live in Noong Thang, which is just about 7 km along the pathway from their commune center. The young couple already has an eight-month-old […]

Sometimes You Can Do More for Yourself Than You Think!

CWS Vietnam | November 16, 2017

Po A Hu is a young La Hu man who, after marriage, moved from his own village to his wife’s, where he now lives with their young son and his elderly mother-in-law. Their small house was just built about three years ago, but there is no latrine because their family has neither the right land […]

Building Back Better

CWS Vietnam | October 16, 2017

In the midst of recent flash flooding in Yen Bai province in north, CWS Emergency Response Focal Person, Mai Thi Quynh Giao and WASH Officer, Nguyen Van Ty, led the CWS assessment teams and then recommended post-relief support to dozens of families who lost their homes in the flash floods. Here are two of their […]

CWS Supported Vulnerable Families in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | October 3, 2017

In mid-September, CWS Vietnam’s team worked with other emergency responders to support vulnerable families in Mu Cang Chai village, whose homes were damaged or destroyed in a flash flooding following severe rains. After first sharing hygiene kits for immediate use, it was agreed that CWS would follow up to mitigate future safe water shortages by […]

Big Changes and Better Daily Life for Thung village Primary School Teachers and Students

CWS Vietnam | September 13, 2017

In rural Vietnam, schools often have satellite schools – especially for early primary grades – so young children can go to school close to their remote villages. For example, the satellite school in Thung village, where CWS supports educational development activities, is about 10 kilometers from Lang Chanh town. The road between the town and […]

“I will make one for my home … and others”

CWS Vietnam | September 11, 2017

By N.Q.Dung, Vietnam Country Representative I met Nguyen Thi Thu on a gray morning when I joined a NEW IDEA-supported workshop about biosand water filtration, which was co-hosted for three days by CWS in partnership with the Dai Tu Health Center. By the time I visited, hands-on teaching and learning was underway with a session […]

100-plus Biosand Filters Built Together with Communities in Northern Vietnam!

CWS Vietnam | September 4, 2017

When we look back on 2017, the CWS team in Vietnam will remember that it was one of important growth when our work expanded to include teaching and learning about safer water from improved water filtration and storage. To support this new direction for our community partnerships, a series of education and training sessions about […]

“The project has helped our school a lot!”

CWS Vietnam | August 18, 2017

By NQ Dung Vietnam Country Representative This is what I usually hear during my visits to schools where CWS works in one of the most difficult areas of Vietnam – its Northwest region. And, yes, it is true that it is very difficult to keep children in school in this mountainous area where many different […]

It Takes a Village Health Worker … and Team Work

CWS Vietnam | August 17, 2017

By NQ Dung Vietnam Country Representative I always feel good each time I return to Vang San village: not only because the village is so clean as a result of CWS environmental sanitation partnering, but also because of the man friendly people here, including Hieng. Hieng, 47, is from the Thai ethnic group and looks […]

“We [teachers] are now much more confident …”

CWS Vietnam | July 30, 2017

What a nice surprise when we [CWS staff] were warmly welcomed with a song in the La Hu language sung by teachers of the Pa U #2 satellite kindergarten in Mu Chi village. In a happy voice, Ms. Bui Thi Tien, Deputy Headmaster shared her excitement: “CWS has helped our school so much with a […]

Seeking Innovation and New Partnerships for Communities to Address Disaster Risk Reduction Challenges in Northern Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | June 13, 2017

In a new innovation for CWS in Asia, Vietnam’s team recently hosted our CWS Japan Country Rep and experts from the Japan Conservation Engineers, Co. Ltd. for a field survey that is part of a needs assessment for a disaster risk reduction (DRR) initiative, which all parties are eager to engage in. The mid-May field […]

Key Members of Vietnam’s WASH Working Group Welcome A Canadian WASH Training Expert to Expand Their Knowledge and Skills

CWS Vietnam | June 11, 2017

In May CWS joined with Plan International and other members of Vietnam’s NGO WASH working group for a 5-day training course on “Delivering Effective WASH Training”. Lena Bunzenmeyer, an experienced technical adviser and trainer from the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology , led the workshop, which focused on increasing practical knowledge and improving […]

Presbyterian Church USA Colleagues Visit Vietnam … Confirm Support

CWS Vietnam | May 17, 2017

In early April, the CWS Vietnam hosted Dr. Barry Dawson and Mrs. Shelly Dawson, the Presbyterian Church (USA) Regional Liaisons for Southeast Asia, in Lang Chanh district about 120 miles south of Hanoi. There, the Dawsons, who live in Bangkok, met a number of people and saw “before and after” projects in several villages. At […]

CWS Vietnam Team Members ‘Meet’ EMMA!

CWS Vietnam | May 11, 2017

Vietnam’s two Program Officers and Finance/Administration Manager have joined a five-day course about an Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) toolkit, which includes 10 steps, including market mapping, gap/ market/response analysis  selection, work preparation, field work, etc. EMMA is new to the Vietnam team, which is pleased that this training gives them insight to […]

Everybody Reads … Wins!

CWS Vietnam | April 9, 2017

Throughout the world, and especially in developed countries, one can often see people reading books in their free time – whenever and wherever: at a bus station, in the park, during lunch in a café. But, it so different when in Vietnam, especially in rural areas, and even in schools! This is not because Vietnamese […]

Let Me Tell You Something

Nguyen Lan Anh - CWS Vietnam | April 2, 2017

Ha is a fourth grader in Quan Chu primary, and I noticed her during a break between classes as she finished washing her hands at the new basin near the school toilets. She noticed me, a visitor, too, and happily shared this story with me: “Our crowded school, you know, used to have one toilet […]

Persistence Is the Key for a Vietnam Village Health Worker

CWS Vietnam | March 19, 2017

Chang Le Hu, 33, is an ethnic Ha Nhi health worker in Ta Phu village on Vietnam’s remote northern border with China. Recently, he told CWS staff about his amazing first experience of delivering a baby! “I still remember the 30-year-old pregnant woman, Ly Phi Pu, and the fact that it was her first delivery. […]

Networking to Bring Football (Soccer) to Rural Vietnam Children

CWS Vietnam | March 13, 2017

Football, which our American friends call soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world; and in Vietnam it is called the ‘King Sport’. The game is of interest to men and women and to boys and girls alike, and it is often a school activity for student physical development. However, the chance […]

Teachers Help Protect and Improve Vietnam Village School and Home Environments

CWS Vietnam | February 20, 2017

Thi Hong is a teacher of the Tam Van kindergarten who recently joined an info-sharing workshop about domestic waste management that was organized by CWS staff and partners. Together with her 25 colleagues and her some of her students’ parents, Hong explored the health and environmental risks and threats from unhealthy habits ranging from overuse […]

CWS Program Leadership Team Shares Project Successes With Key Government Partners

CWS Vietnam | February 18, 2017

In mid January, together with Departments of Foreign Affairs colleagues from two provinces, the Vietnam country team hosted multi-stakeholder annual planning workshops in Thai Nguyen and Lai Chau provinces. During the workshops, key project partners from district Health Centers and Education Departments acknowledged the evident results of NEW IDEA efforts in 2016 while affirming plans […]

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