CWS continues supporting and augmenting Government response to the late-September earthquake and tsunami by supplying 250,000 liters of water daily to 4,500+ households; and by distributing 3,000 collapsible jerry cans; 2,750 mosquito nets; 6,000 floor mats and 4,000 solar lamps, so far.

Photo: CWS

CWS water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) teams from Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Vietnam, together with colleagues from Cambodia’s WASH SDO and Canada’s CAWST are meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia this week (December 3rd-7th) to share successes, challenges, learning and ideas from the past year across Southeast Asia. The learning exchange was organized by Vietnam and Cambodia Country Representatives, Ngo Quoc Dung (second from the left in the front row of the photo below) and Mao Sophal (on the far right in the front row), and it is being hosted by the Cambodia team and our local government partners in Preah Vihear Province in north central Cambodia. Last year’s inaugural WASH LEX was hosted by the Myanmar team in Yangon with a field trip to communities in Maubin Township of Ayeyarwaddy Region. An interim virtual LEX was held in May, but all team members agree that there is nothing better than being together in person to celebrate successes and talk about shared challenges.

CWS has distributed large, high quality tarpaulins from CWS and USAID to 1,541 families so they can improve their makeshift shelters. And, other aid, including more hygiene supplies and essential health care, especially for pregnant and lactating women, and young children, continues through ACT Alliance and other organizational and government partners. Read more

In Asia, Church World Service (CWS) works with families, communities, governments, ecumenical and technical partners and other non-government organizations to help some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Most often we partner in support of long-term socioeconomic development and, when needed, we help people cope with the effects and aftermath of increasingly frequent natural and manmade crises across the region.

CWS works in partnership with communities and families in six Southeast Asian countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam – to help them improve their lives. We do this by enhancing access to information, education and hands-on training for development and disaster preparedness. National teams and local partners follow up with individuals and communities with coaching and monitoring to help ensure quality, accountability and sustainability. In Japan, CWS supports the work of CWS Japan: its advocacy and humanitarian initiatives in Japan as well as its development outreach and emergency response in other countries.

Latest News

Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Response Update

CWS Indonesia | December 4, 2018

CWS continues supporting and augmenting Government response to the late September earthquake and tsunami by distributing 3,000 collapsible jerry cans, 2,750 mosquito nets, 6,000 mats and 4,000 solar lamps from UNHCR to affected families……

A Long Journey for Elham Shows Sign Posts of Hope for His Future

CWS Indonesia | November 28, 2018

Elham (not his real name) was born in Ghazni, Afghanistan to a working middle-class Hazara family. His mother was a dressmaker and his father worked for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. Elham enjoyed a childhood that was more comfortable than many Afghan children’s until his life changed suddenly when his father died. With […]

Challenges and Rewards in Helping Myanmar Communities Build Resilience

CWS Myanmar |

In a part of Myanmar that is especially susceptible to natural disaster, primarily related to yearly monsoon rains and flooding, CWS has led Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) activities for several years with a focus on two townships initially, and now just one: Maubin Township in the Ayeyarwaddy region. In the past two years CWS […]

Saving Time and the Enviroment with Improved Stoves

CWS Vietnam |

By Pham Cong Tuan, CWS Project Officer. Hoang Thi Vien, 33, and Quan Thi Tham, 34, are the two women who cooking twice each school day for students of the Hoa Trung primary school, which is a boarding school for ethnic minority children who travel to a central village from their remote mountain villages if […]

International Day for Disaster Reduction Celebrated in Japan

CWS Japan |

October 13th marked the international day for disaster reduction with this year’s theme – reducing economic loss – being highlighted as one of the global target of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. CWS Japan stepped up to represent some of civil society’s perspectives on this theme by focusing on how recurrent disasters, exacerbated by […]

Rice Banks: An Invaluable Resource for Many Rural Cambodians

CWS Cambodia |

Proeung Moeuk, who is 17, lives with his four siblings, who are 21, 14, 12 and 7, in Boeng Popoul village in Battambang province of western Cambodia. Tragically, they are orphans because their parents both died of illnesses in 2014 and 2016. While his two younger sisters and brother attend primary school, Moeuk quit school […]

New Ideas and Farming Practices Take Hold in Timor-Leste

CWS Timor-Leste | November 27, 2018

About 35 kilometers from Dili, Timor-Leste, up a winding dirt road lined with banana trees, lives a uniquely blonde-haired 5-year-old girl, Beatrice who enjoys playing with her older siblings and cousins, and following her mother around the house, “helping” her mom with chores. Juliana da Silva Gonçalves, Beatrice’s mother, is a fairly typical Lebucaileti village […]

Active and Interactive Teaching Makes Learning Easy

CWS Vietnam |

By Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, CWS Program Officer. Hue is a young teacher at Trung Ha lower secondary boarding school, where about 300 ethnic minority students study – and live 80% of their lives together during the school year. As Hue’s students are teenagers who are changing, physically and emotionally, as they approach young adulthood, […]

Alongside Her Vegetables, Chreb’s Success, and Family, Grow!

CWS Cambodia |

Chho Chreb is 24 and she lives with her husband Ros Pum, who is 32, and their five-year-old son in Sangkum Thmei village of Preah Vihear province, in northern Cambodia. Chreb and Pum are farmers who own just once hectare (100 square meters) of land on which they used to grow rice, mostly, which yielded […]

Everything Is Changing Now

CWS Indonesia |

Zet Timaubas is a 41 -year-old farmer in Meobesi hamlet who lives with his wife, Safira Kase, who is 39, and their four children: Frederik, who is 17; Maria, who is 14; Martha, who is 10 and, last but not least, Yosina Timaubas, whose first birthday the family recently celebrated. Like many others in his […]

Once Again: It Takes a Village!

CWS Myanmar |

CWS first got to know the people of tiny Yae Le Gyi village in 2015 when our Myanmar team partnered with community leaders and other to respond to severe flooding in the Ayerwaddy River delta region; and, since then all 250 families have joined with CWS staff and each other to recover and rebuild … […]

Dreams of a Better Future Start to Come True

CWS Indonesia | November 26, 2018

In Burasia village in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, dreams are becoming reality by empowering women to form savings and loans groups that, in turn, create opportunities for them to improve their lives and those of their families. One group created as part of the perfectly named DREAM project that CWS coordinates is the 20-member Mawar group, […]

CWS Child Protection Officers in Thailand Have Earned Their Master’s Degrees

CWS Thailand | October 9, 2018

The CWS Thailand team recently feted Child Protection Officer, Ponsawan (Cake) Lysoowan for earning her Master’s degree in Psychology at Thailand’s prestigious Mahidol University. She joins our other Child Protection Officer, Suchawalee (Bon) Mankhong, whose graduation was celebrated some months ago. Both young women support The Church of Christ in Thailand’s congregations, schools and hospitals […]


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