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Church World Service in Asia

In Asia, CWS works with families, communities, governments, ecumenical and technical partners and other non-government organizations to help some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Most often we partner in support of long-term socioeconomic development and, when needed, we help people cope with the effects and aftermath of natural and manmade crises across the region.

CWS works in partnership with communities and families in six Southeast Asian countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam – to help them improve their lives. We do this by enhancing access to information, hands-on education and training for development and disaster preparedness. National teams and local partners follow up with individuals and communities with coaching and monitoring to help ensure quality, accountability and sustainability. In Japan, CWS supports the work of CWS Japan: its advocacy and humanitarian initiatives in Japan as well as its development outreach and emergency response in other countries.

CWS Is Responding to People Affected by Hurricane Sally

September 17, 2020 – CWS staff in Asia, together with the communities with which we work across the region, are holding everyone in the path, and wake, of Hurricane Sally in our prayers. Our American friends are in the midst of an very active hurricane season. Recently, to help Hurricane Laura victims, CWS sent out more than 2,300 CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets. Now, we have fewer than 3,800 in stock. Each bucket is 5 gallons of love and hope coupled with cleaning supplies and, in these times of COVID-19, masks, to help families whose homes are damaged. One generous supporter has already donated 3,000 empty buckets. We need your help to fill them. If buckets are filled one at a time, it costs $75 to fill them with retail purchases. But, together, we can fill a bucket for only $25. Donate now to stock our shelves and be on the front lines when the next call comes:


Latter-day Saints Charities Team Up with CWS to Help Families in Southeast Asia

August 19, 2020 – For the past eight months, despite the logistics challenges of COVID-19, CWS teams in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam have been working with rural communities in a special project to help them improve their livelihoods and nutrition. Mostly, CWS has been working with community hatcheries to provide chickens to vulnerable families so they can improve their daily diets as well as their incomes in some cases. In Cambodia, pigs are also being shared with families. And, in West Timor (Indonesia) and in asylum-seeker camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, there will be help for life-saving nutrition for young children. Highlights of our work across Asia are in this report, and we welcome your comments and questions:

Local chickens mean a hopeful future in Myanmar

CWS Myanmar | August 19, 2020

Farmer Ko Ye Naing is always looking for opportunities to improve his family’s livelihood. The 38-year-old father of two and his wife, Ma Nandar Win, live on a three-acre farm 55 miles west of Yangon, Myanmar. They grow about 700 pounds of chili peppers, which they sell for about $500 yearly. He also works as […]

An extra nutrition boost for young refugee children in Thailand

CWS Thailand | July 17, 2020

About 90,000 refugees from Myanmar live in nine camps in western Thailand, near the Thailand-Myanmar border. Our long-time partner, The Border Consortium, reaches these refugees with food, shelter and other support. A few months ago, as the threat of COVID-19 emerged, The Border Consortium was in the process of introducing a nutritious food called BabyBRIGHT […]

Rainwater Tank Adds to a Village’s Clean Water Supply

CWS Myanmar | July 13, 2020

July 13, 2020 – A lack of reliable drinking water has been a chronic problem for many years in Myanmar’s Wai Dauk village. In this village five hours southeast of Myanmar’s commercial capital, Yangon, 60 families source drinking water from two 60-square-foot ponds. The ponds are not reliable year-round, though. First, evaporation leads to shortages […]

Back in Business: CWS Cash Transfer Initiative Helps Nurmita Return to Work

CWS Indonesia | July 2, 2020

Nurmita lives in a Central Sulawesi village where, before a devastating earthquake in 2018, she sold traditional cakes to earn a nice income. In the disaster Nurmita lost her baking equipment and supplies … and her livelihood. Her situation was not uncommon, unfortunately. And it has taken quite some time for people to recover and […]

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