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#Mother's Day on 12th May

Photo: CWS

Recently, CWS Asia Regional Director, Leslie Wilson (center in the bright yellow shirt) joined CWS Funds Development and Marketing colleagues in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA) for a gathering to prepare for fall 2019 CROP Hunger Walks across North Carolina. Of the hundreds of CROP Hunger Walks done annually across the United States, those in North Carolina are always among the most successful in drawing attention to issues of hunger – in their own communities and State, and around the world. This year CROP Hunger Walks are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the walks, the first of which were held in 1969 in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Since CWS was founded as CROP in 1946, generous Americans have been supporting CWS in Asia. And since 1969, people walking to help end huger in the world have been supporting CWS community-based development work to fight hunger across southeast Asia. Right now, CROP Hunger Walk proceeds fund CWS and partners to work in poor rural communities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam through a team of about 75 national staff and four expatriates from Germany and the United States.

Leslie Wilson (center in the bright yellow shirt) joined CWS Funds Development and Marketing colleagues in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA) for a gathering to prepare for fall 2019 CROP Hunger Walks across North Carolina. Photo: CWS

In Asia, Church World Service (CWS) works with families, communities, governments, ecumenical and technical partners and other non-government organizations to help some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Most often we partner in support of long-term socioeconomic development and, when needed, we help people cope with the effects and aftermath of increasingly frequent natural and manmade crises across the region.

Ma Than Dar and her daughter (in Myanmar). One successful endeavor leads to another and another for one Myanmar mother. Photo: CWS

Filomena dos Santos and her daughter (in Timor-Leste). With the support from CWS project, Filomena and her family have learned how to raise chickens in a coop,. Photo: CWS

Cooking demonstration for young mothers (in Myanmar). Photo: CWS

CWS works in partnership with communities and families in six Southeast Asian countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam – to help them improve their lives. We do this by enhancing access to information, education and hands-on training for development and disaster preparedness. National teams and local partners follow up with individuals and communities with coaching and monitoring to help ensure quality, accountability and sustainability. In Japan, CWS supports the work of CWS Japan: its advocacy and humanitarian initiatives in Japan as well as its development outreach and emergency response in other countries.

This mother participates in Timor Zero Hunger project (Indonesia) activities to help her son have a more nutritious diet and healthier future. Photo: CWS

Ratha and her children (in Cambodia). Ratha brings both her children to CWS-sponsored supplemental feeding groups where young children eat nutrition-rich, multi-ingredient porridge that mothers learn to make from local ingredients. Photo: CWS

Minh and her daughter (in Vietnam) happily using the biosand water filter. Photo: CWS

Latest News

Women in Central Sulawesi Keep Organizing as Change Agents for Improved Hygiene

CWS Indonesia | April 8, 2019

Six months after the deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu, thousands of people, like 42-year-old Juarni, continue working day in and day out to cope with displacement. When the late September 2018 disaster hit, Juarni was an active health post worker who loved her job. After the crisis’ early days, and as life settled […]

Child-friendly Libraries: Inside and Out

CWS Vietnam | April 6, 2019

By Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Program Officer. With 296 students, Muong Kim #1 primary school is considered a large school with its commune. Yet, about 18 months ago, when I visited the school and asked to visit the library, I was taken to such a small room that was full of books and supplies – […]

Ma Zaw Works to Improve Her Family’s Wellbeing One Step at a Time

CWS Myanmar | April 2, 2019

“My name is Ei Moor Zaw. I am 24 years old and I live in Sit Kone village, which is a few hours’ drive west of our commercial and historical capital, Yangon. My husband, Pyone Min Paing, and I have a 4-year-old son, Mg Hla Yaung Lin. We own and work 1.5 acres of corn […]

A Savings and Loan Group Leader Takes Pride in the Group’s Success

CWS Indonesia | March 29, 2019

Bilau is like many rural communities in West Timor. Here, families have simple lives. They make do by farming, for subsistence and income, as their families have done for generations. They do so even though their land is arid and there is no reliable water supply. This makes growing enough extra vegetables to sell for […]

Limited Access to Water Is a Challenge We Face: Always

CWS Timor-Leste |

Maumetalau, a small mountain village in northwest Timor-Leste is like many rural communities in the country where people rely on farming for their income, and they have little access to services. Markets at which to sell vegetables, and safe road conditions and reliable water systems, are things to which most rural people have little or […]

“Lessons from Mabi” Report Related: Following Up on 2018 Western Japan Flood Response

CWS Japan |

In July 2018, western Japan experienced once-in-decades torrential rains, which led to widespread flooding and landslides. Eight months on from CWS intense engagement in immediate response activities, many families have yet to fully recover from the disaster, and no families will ever be the same after the devastation. So, while follow-up with families through partner […]

Laila’s Journey Toward Freedom Continues

CWS Indonesia |

Laila (not her real name) is an 18-year-old girl who lives in a CWS-sponsored group home in Jakarta, Indonesia. In early December, Laila joined the 16 Days of Activism international campaign against gender-based violence by drawing pictures and writing poems to raise her voice against such violence. Since the end of the official 2018 campaign, […]

Partnership for Improved Hygiene and Sanitation

CWS Cambodia |

Recently, CWS Cambodia staff worked with administrators, teachers and parents of students at Rumdoah Srae Primary School in north central Cambodia to improve water access and build hand-washing stations in support of better hygiene at the school. As always, CWS included teaching-learning opportunities for the students and staff while the material improvements were being made. […]

Rethinking Rations for Refugees Along the Thailand-Myanmar Border

CWS Thailand |

Sher Ka Myee’s shop looks like many grocery shops or convenience stores around the world. She sells lots of different foods, including eggs, oil, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and several types of rice. She sells bottled water and other drinks, as well household items like shampoo and soap. She has owned this shop for a […]

Using Local Resources to Improve Livelihoods and Build Resilience and Diversification

CWS Indonesia | March 28, 2019

Buttu Tasik, his wife and four children live in a village in South Sulawesi. They, like many rural Indonesian families, raise pigs for income while continuing to learn how to adapt their farming for climate change. “Changes in the weather here are quite extreme and we have not yet been able to [fully cope] with […]

Changing Habits for Better Health and Nutrition

CWS Timor-Leste |

Garianah and Lebucaileti are two small villages high in the mountains of northwest Timor-Leste. Most families in these villages have two homes. One “house”, which is more of a shack, is near the family fields outside of the village. It is where they live during corn-growing season from December to May. The other house is […]

CWS Support for Proper Sanitation in Challenging Environment Is Paying Off in Maubin, Myanmar

CWS Myanmar |

Following months of especially severe flooding in late 2015, CWS has supported 15 Ayeyawaddy River delta communities to keep making changes, slowly but surely, to build their resilience and continue their development, despite their perennial vulnerability. During the past three years, there has been progress; there have been setbacks, and there has been hope. One […]

Sphere info-sharing workshop has inspired me!

CWS Vietnam |

By Do Van Khai, Muong Te District Red Cross Chapter. In mid-March 2019, a workshop about Sphere project minimum standards for humanitarian response was hosted by Vietnam’s NGO Disaster Management working group (DMWG), its Disaster Management Policy and Technology Center (DMPTC) and the CWS team in Hanoi. The aim of the gathering was helping participants […]

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