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CWS water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) teams from Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Vietnam, together with colleagues from Cambodia’s WASH SDO and Canada’s CAWST met in Siem Reap, Cambodia in early December to share successes, challenges, learning and ideas from the past year across Southeast Asia. The learning exchange was organized by Vietnam and Cambodia Country Representatives, Ngo Quoc Dung (second from the left in the front row of the photo below) and Mao Sophal (on the far right in the front row), and it is being hosted by the Cambodia team and our local government partners in Preah Vihear Province in north central Cambodia. Last year’s inaugural WASH LEX was hosted by the Myanmar team in Yangon with a field trip to communities in Maubin Township of Ayeyarwaddy Region. An interim virtual LEX was held in May, but all team members agree that there is nothing better than being together in person to celebrate successes and talk about shared challenges.

Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Response Update: CWS has received and distributed 2,100 tarps, 1,911 blankets, 1,148 sleeping mats from USAID in Sigi and Donggala districts; 4,373 jerry cans, 2,760 mosquito nets, 6,000 sleeping mats, 5,671 solar lamps and 195 family tents from UNHCR in Sigi and Donggala districts. Read more

In Asia, Church World Service (CWS) works with families, communities, governments, ecumenical and technical partners and other non-government organizations to help some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Most often we partner in support of long-term socioeconomic development and, when needed, we help people cope with the effects and aftermath of increasingly frequent natural and manmade crises across the region.

CWS works in partnership with communities and families in six Southeast Asian countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam – to help them improve their lives. We do this by enhancing access to information, education and hands-on training for development and disaster preparedness. National teams and local partners follow up with individuals and communities with coaching and monitoring to help ensure quality, accountability and sustainability. In Japan, CWS supports the work of CWS Japan: its advocacy and humanitarian initiatives in Japan as well as its development outreach and emergency response in other countries.

Latest News

CWS Helped the Families in Lebucaileti Start Helping Themselves

CWS Timor-Leste | January 21, 2019

Lebucaileti is a small community high in the mountains of Timor-Leste, where living conditions are extremely hard. Most of the time, there is limited water, and during the dry season (July to December), there is almost none, which makes farming – which is most families’ main livelihood and household food source – extremely difficult. During […]

Living the Dream

CWS Indonesia |

Mawar savings and loan group formed as part of DREAM, which is a community development program led by CWS with funding from the Australian government though our partner, Act for Peace. The core focus in DREAM is disaster resilience, and one proven key to disaster resilience is economic security and resilience. So, the women who […]

At the End of the Day: Reflecting on Disciples of Christ and CWS Leaders’ Visit Myanmar

CWS Myanmar |

By U Aye Lwin. My name is U Aye Lwin, and I am the village chief of Koe Ein Tan West, which is in the Ayeyawaddy River delta in southwest Myanmar. For more than two years, I have worked with Church World Service team members on several activities to help our village improve itself, and […]

Farmers Group Grows with Gusto – and Gusti!

CWS Indonesia | January 20, 2019

With 33-year-old farmer Gusti Koa as its new leader, Fetomone farmers group in Fatutnana, West Timor, is growing and changing. Gusti and his wife are farmers in area near Fatutnana, and the group he now leads was formed by 11 farmers in their hamlet in February 2016. At that time, there was support from government […]

A Community Leader Does Well While Also Doing Good

CWS Cambodia |

A year ago, Sek Sok, who is 66 and a retired soldier, was elected to the Morokot Commune Council in Choam Ksant District in northern Cambodia, where he lives with his wife Sam Pho, who is 63, and their 16-year-old son, who is in Grade 11. Because he agreed to stay permanently in the area […]

Asia-Pacific Regional 2018 NGO Partnership Week In Review

CWS Japan |

In December, a packed partnership week was organized by CWS Japan team members in partnership with colleagues from the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN), the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) and the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office (UNOCHA) in Bangkok. In addition to CWS Japan senior leadership – Board Chair Rajib […]

A Daughter-Mother Duo Improve Their Hygiene, Health and Happiness

CWS Vietnam |

Mai Hanh is a 5-year-old girl from the Tay ethnic minority group, and she lives in a poor rural village 220 kilometers (135 miles) northwest from Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. When CWS staff met Hanh during a recent visit to her village pre-school, they learned that she had no idea what a toilet is because, where […]

Improved Sanitation and Hygiene Supports Women’s Safety and Security in Central Sulawesi

CWS Indonesia |

“Before latrines were in the camp, we defecated in the river; and, often, we [women] had to wait because there were always men in the river, so felt insecure and uncomfortable.” This statement from Sanuba, who moved to an evacuation camp in Donggala after the September 2018 earthquake that centered on Palu, could have been […]

CWS Is a Proud and Active Member of Myanmar’s Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance

CWS Myanmar |

The Alliance, which is best known by its acronym, SUN network, aims to catalyze and sustain public, political and financial commitment and action to address undernutrition in Myanmar. Since its launch in February 2015, SUN CSA Myanmar has grown to be an alliance of 60 civil society organizations, including 42 local organization, working in 13 […]

Now, I Am Making Up for Lost Time

CWS Indonesia | January 19, 2019

Taman was born to a poor family in Afghanistan, which didn’t have money to send her to school. So, she took matters into her own hands to be educated. “I was always working odd jobs and learning and trying different things so I could earn extra money to pay for my education,” Taman told one […]

CWS Honored by Vietnam Government for Humanitarian Response Supports

CWS Vietnam |

On December 11, 2018 government and civil society organizations came together to discuss a call for joint efforts in supporting humanitarian activities in Vietnam. The Conference is an initiative of Vietnam Red Cross and was hosted by the organization in cooperation with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Viet Nam Union of […]

CWS-supported Home Garden Producer Groups Expand Their Market Reach

CWS Cambodia |

Recently, our CWS partner for Promoting Better Lives, the Rural Development Association, was invited by the Battambang Provincial Department of Agriculture to bring farmers and their products to a two-day, government-organized Safe Vegetable Exhibition, which had two main aims: first, to raise awareness about safe agricultural practice and second, to create demand for safe vegetables, […]

Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Response Update

CWS Indonesia | January 15, 2019

CWS distributed collapsible jerry cans from UNHCR to 4,373 households in Sigi and Donggala districts and has constructed twelve four-stall public latrines in seven camps in Sigi district, plus an additional four in Donggala district. Nine more latrines are under construction…..


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