Ending Breastfeeding Myths: One Key Change for Babies’ Better Health

CWS Myanmar | October 16, 2017

Breast feeding time – Daw Win Win Htay. Photo: CWS

U Ko Ko Naing and Daw Win Win Htay who have an 8-year-old and 6-month-old son. U Ko Ko Naing is a fisherman and a vegetable famer as the seasons allow, and Daw Win Winn Htay is a homemaker. Between fishing, which earns the family about $50 month during spring and summer, and selling vegetables, which nets about $125 the rest of the year, the family is not among the poorest of the poor with whom CWS partners, but they are certainly quite vulnerable, like many of their neighbors, for want of good information and correct knowledge about child health and wellbeing.

Since 6-month-old Thet Naing Phyo was found, during recent nutrition screening to be clinically malnourished, his mother has eagerly joined all the education sessions to learn about her own health and nutrition during pregnancy and delivery, and about breastfeeding, complementary feeding, etc., for her young son because she had misinformation from her own mother and mother-in-law such about when, e.g., not after just coming in from the outside, and how to nurse a baby, e.g., after first expressing and throwing away the first flow. Now, among many other new things, Daw Win Win realizing she can nurse her boy anytime and anywhere; and she knows what other healthy baby foods she can add to his diet, she is happy to be on her way to raising a healthy son – and to feeding healthier food to her older son, too.

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